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  1. Seymour Duncan JB humbucker in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 in the neck.
  2. Hi guy's it's been awhile since I've been on here I'm posting this topic to try and sell my Sonic blue JagStang that I got from Warmoth 2 months ago, I'm asking $500 or best offer. I would post this in the classifieds but the activation page is taking forever to upload. The body is 2 piece alder,w/ forearm and tummy contour's on it, a solid white black white pick guard on it just like Kurt's original, I also installed on it a Gotoh tune-o-matic bridge I also have dunlop strap lock's on it which would come with the guitar. The neck is maple with a rosewood fingerboard, the headstock is a Fende
  3. JB's and Super Distortion pup are the 2 humbuckers that sound best with 250K pots
  4. Oh there is no way I'm stripping this guitar down to the bare wood, it is labor intensive and it would take forever with it being a fender finish and all.
  5. Help me out here guys, A few weeks ago I bought a 65 RI classic in Oly white, that is gonna be stripped and redone in sonic blue this spring I'm trying to figure out if the pickguard that comes on these RI is red tortise shell or if it is brown tortise shell. Basically I'm trying to find out what color Kurt Cobains pickguard was, the reason I'm trying to figure this out is b/c I'm getting ready to have 2 pickguard's custom made for my mustang and my Kurt cobain jaguar project in either red pearl or red tortise shell and I just don't want to order a red tortise shell pickguard if I already hav
  6. How many of u guys on here have seen this on ebay? http://cgi.ebay.com/FENDER-JAPAN-JAGUAR ... 7C294%3A50
  7. Luke Skywalker didn't have ####E on the patience I had to have LOL.
  8. I was high on PCP and it sounded like a great idea at the time LOL!!! No seriously I got tired of the limited selection lefties get, so I just said what the hell, it sucked for almost 2yrs and took ALOT of patience, but in the end it was all worth it, now I can walk into a guitar store and play the guitars instead of looking at them and walking out of the store bummed b/c I couldn't find a lefty model to play. I got some pix I want to share on here of a 62 AVRI Jaguar that I turned into a 66 fender Jaguar in Lake placid blue w/ matching headstock along w/ binding around the fingerboard ala Joh
  9. tragictravisty, thank's for what ya said, I'm a vintage fender guitar fanatic,( I know how to finish a guitar old school fender style like it's the back of my hand) aswell as guitar refinisher on the side and a big time Nirvana/ Kurt Cobain fan, I'm actually left handed and played guitar, that way for 7yrs then in 2002 I sold all my stuff and taught myself to play right-handed(What a Beaaach that was!). My goal has been for yrs to build a replica of Kurt's Jaguar but other things have come up. To be honest with you Kurt's Jag is my 2nd fav guitar my first is his black strat w/ the Fernandes n
  10. Howdy ya'll After a week of contemplating I returned my Fender Classic HH Jaguar and decided I'm gonna build a replica of Kurt's 66 Fender Jaguar, I've already placed the order for the body and the neck complete w/ binding around the fingerboard from Tommy at USACG and I'm also getting a Jagstang kit from Warmoth, I was recently able to get ahold of a Fender Jaguar tremolo and a Fender Mustang Dynamic Vibrato tailpiece but the trem's didn't come with any screws to mount them to the body. Can anybody tell me what size screws I need, where I can purchase them, or possibly a Fender part number fo
  11. I'll take some pix out in the sun tomm and post them.
  12. LOL! I actually took the Oly white Jag back and swapped it out for a 3-tone sunburts Jag. If this guitar only new what it was in for.
  13. Today I was in the local GC and I noticed that they had a Fender Classic HH Jaguar on the wall in Olympic white with a $799 tag on it, so I said why not and sat down and played, well as I was playing it an employee came up to me and asked me if I had any question's then he came back about 5 mins later and told that if I was interested in the guitar he could sell it to me for $650. Can we say SOLD!!! I'm read alot of bad things about these guitars but this baby plays nice, all I need to do is put some hotter humbuckers in it and put some 11-52 strings on it and we are good to go. I might strip
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