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  1. Necrobump to remind you that you're a #### retard. Have a nice day.
  2. Well, I've got what looks much like a nocaster, or I guess something along the lines of a 52 reissue tele or what not. Blonde, ash body, classic bridge, gold spaghetti logo. However, I'm not finding out anything on it by the serial number. Serial is located on the back of the headstock, # 04094228 Suggestions?
  3. Update Replaced the Orange 4x12 that my Rockerverb was driving with an Egnater Tourmaster 4x12 due to endorsement from a local Egnater dealer. Picked up an Orange Rocker 30 and Egnater 2x12 solely for the "natural" channel, which will become my clean channel. Still working with the Rockerverb for now, but might be tempted to bring the Egnater Tourmaster 4100 with me on tour. Only time will tell if I'm ready to part with my Orange for two months.
  4. Yeah, sounds like the foot controller is the way to go. Ipod would be just as bad as a CD I would say, and our drummer's a moron so that's out of the picture. Thanks for the responses, I'll take a look into it.
  5. Setting up minor sample for live shows that can be controlled via footswitch? My band has a few songs in which we recorded some keyboard parts and some additional percussion in some of the breakdowns (because we're so metal) and I really don't want to lack it on the live sound, but we really don't have need for a full time keyboard player either. I've looked into loopers and such, but I'd like to avoid having any sound other than my guitar coming through my cab. Suggestions?
  6. They sound extremely close to the point where I would consider buying one as a backup amp. The only thing keeping me wary is that it's just glorified Behringer.
  7. Keep in mind, the Metal Zone sounds like someone took a digital #### right on your head. For what you're after, the DS-2 sounds nice. If you're after a little more gain I'd take a look at the Mega Distortion. Keep in mind of course, that this is all opinion (except, the Metal Zone does sound like a digitized turd) so by all means, try before you buy.
  8. Unless you play in a band that's all show and no talent, the clip-lok will work just fine.
  9. Thanks. Not gonna lie I'm probably going to have something different come next tour, but for now this rig is doing just fine. We're a metal band, but I'm not into the stereotypical metal rig... Never really have been. Up until last year or so all I would play are strats. I found with the V and Explorer I could play a little quicker, and of course the Soloist is a superstrat, so it's familiar ground!
  10. Right now my guitars are : 1967 Gibson Flying V Reissue, loaded with Blackouts, Jackson Soloist, also loaded with Blackouts, and a 1976 Gibson Explorer Reissue... Guess what kind of pickups? And of course as some of you old guys remember, I've got my trusty MIM strat. Orange Rockerverb 50h through an Orange 412 cab. Only effect I use is a tubescreamer for a bit of a lead boost at times.
  11. Have you considered looking at the Blackouts? I'm thinking an active pickup is going to accomodate a metal tone in a JS moreso than a passive will. To my ears most active pickups sound similar regardless of what guitar they're in, so consider that option. EMG's, Blackouts, etc are namely geared towards metal so keep that in mind. You can throw a JB into your guitar, but there's a very likely chance that in the end it's not going to be the necessary tone your after, simply because Dave's guitar at the time likely was nothing like a Jag Stang. It just seems like for a guitar such as the JS, a set of EMG's or Blackouts will probably get you closer to the tone you're after as opposed to passive.
  12. I've got my American strat loaded with a JB Jr and my Standard w/ a hot rails... The JB is much more clear and defined, and the hot rails is for balls out lead. Not so great for rhythm.
  13. I've been through a lot of amps... Back when I was younger I could only afford solidstate. I've been through a tiny peavey rage 158, a fender princeton, a marshall avt, a mesa rectifier, and finally this. This is the only amp I've kept for more than 2 years and haven't had any issues with it. Been through lots of guitars too! Strats are the only thing I can go back to and really comfortably play.
  14. It is quite true that paul is quite cool. Can you tell the difference between analog and digital tone? Screw it. I'm done with this argument. I'm arguing with an idiot who's beating me with experience. Later dude.
  15. No, I'm 21, happily married and that's about it and we live in our Igloo in CANADA, not Britain. If you're going to come onto a message board it's perhaps not a wise idea to argue or act like a know it all with the senior members and those who have been here a good while. If you wanna act a bit more mature, then so will we. We're just having fun with your continuity. Later.
  16. jagstang owner, I'm just going to assume that you're relatively new to guitar and therefore have not developed any type of tone. You're pretty emotional when it comes to pedals giving you tone aren't you? teh kurdtz pedals gave him his tone because he sucked so he had to rely on his pedals.
  17. For that kind of money you might as well just buy something a bit more high end. Don't see how the ultimate practice amp could cost $1500.
  18. Actually I might even consider going back the Marshall way, or step up to a VHT.
  19. I'm sorry Jagstang owner, it's for the best that you stop arguing, you are right. You're dumb, I'm not. Thanks dude. Later!
  20. Yes, but I don't think you understand what Lou and myself are saying. Let's use Kurt as an example because everyone has a boner for him. Say he's playing through my setup, with my settings. Since my settings are overly "extreme" he will still sound like Kurt. By this I mean bass is not maxed and trebs and mids at min, or vice versa, you get it. It has to do with how your attack on the strings is, how stiff/loose you hold your pick, fretting, everything. I could play through your setup I'm sure and have more or less the exact same sound I get through my own. It's a sweet little thing called physics man. I major in the topic so I know a thing or two about how this exactly works.
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