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  1. I love it! The sunburst red, black pickguard, chrome humbuckers... It all goes so well together. I kind of wish maybe I got my guitar done like that.
  2. Here you go http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wmmlhfjojtn That spreadsheet should answer most questions. The neck is full length, rather than the Jaguar's usual 3/4 scale. It's made by http://www.legraguitars.co.uk/ and damn he's good. It was made in early 2009, near the East coast of England (Essex, Leigh-on-Sea). The fact it was left handed added a little bit of pain. For example, he got the right-handed control plates from a Jaguar and had to re-chrome them on the other sides, to fit them onto a left-handed body!
  3. Wow, never seen a Jag like that. Looks really nice.
  4. Thankfully you're in a minority I got very nervous about showing people this guitar for the firtst time, thinking they might not like it. Turned out the other way (either that, or people are good actors )
  5. I know you've all seen it before, but I just wanted to put my Jag in this thread so people in future can see it.
  6. Toyota made guitars? Looks pretty nice though.
  7. That's pretty cool man. Dare I ask how much that cost you?
  8. Thanks! Thanks for the compliments everyone. I was worried for a long time that people would think it'd look silly or something... I dunno. Turns out to be a sexy beast, lol.
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