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  1. body arrived today! pics posted soon... and still looking for help on the above questions, as well as my thread on caps.
  2. what kind of caps are you guys running in your jags/jazz's? have you left your ceramic discs in or have you changed to oragne drops or otherwise...and do you like it? oh and feel free to comment on my "first time build" thread. same guy...same build.
  3. John Baldwin Gourley - Portgual. The Man Jesse Lacey - Brand New Elvis Costello that guy from the free credit report.com commercials...though he doesn't play it...still count?
  4. yeah sorry about the lapse. i'm not totally gung-ho about this so its kinda 'as it happens it happens'. i'm kinda looking to keep my hands busy and have a summer project...so... update: i've been scouring ebay for bodies and have found a beautiful 66 RI jaguar 3 color sunburst with minimal road wear ala STRATosphere. those guys rock for having so much available. that should be shipped any day now. i'm looking into necks and wondering 2 things; 1 any suggestions on where to find a good neck...that doesn't cost more than i paid for the body...and 2. i really like the F tuning keys...do those
  5. also...how do you guys feel about reverse headstock? i found some lefty necks and i've always loved the gibson firebird.
  6. you don't get that high quality artwork except at van conventions...
  7. i put down p-94 incase i can't find the gibson originals...its kinda my fail safe. i know the single coils are huge...like i said my big concern was how deep into the wood they are supposed to sit. but from what you guys are saying, the pickguard will be my biggest obstacle for the pickups. gf's dad has a dremel...so hopefully that will eliminate this issue. and yes, i am looking to do the finishing myself...thats going to be the biggest obstacle by far. yay attempting sunburst... by the way...you guys are all awesome for responding in less than 4 hours! this community is awesome. pics wil
  8. So, its time for a new guitar, and a new hobby and decided to build either a jag or a jazz. Funds enabled, I'm building both. For now, i'm looking at getting a jazz body through allparts. So, 1) alder or swamp ash (i know traditionally its alder for stock bodies) and my second question is, does anybody know if a gibson p-90 (p-94) will fit in the routing? i know you need a different pickguard, but I don't know if this is going to fit under the strings when i assemble it. i don't own a dremel or a router...so I kinda want to know what i'm in for before i spend a couple hundred on pickups.
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