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  1. Sometimes I drink a 6 pack, stare at mine and listen to "You're living all over me".
  2. I dig the satin neck. I often wish more of my guitars had them. I like the looks of gloss, but the feel is a million times better on a satin neck in my opinion.
  3. Nice Man! I have one of these as well. What do you think of the pups on this? Seem a little wimpy to me.
  4. Awesome looks great bro! I put the TOM on the jm. Plays like a beast!
  5. Hope you like it brother! Glad it went to a good home! thanks for the geat deal!
  6. Looks awesome. I am a big G1 TF fan as well.
  7. I love my warmoth, wish you nothing but the best on this one!
  8. This is a really cool idea. I too tried many Jags in my day but always had a hard time with the shorter neck while standing up. Looking forward to the finished product.
  9. Not any samples as of yet. I can tell you that I think it a tremendous value out of the box. the neck is great and plays very well. Th pickups are really nice as well. I am looking forward to restringing and setting it up.
  10. Mine showed up on Friday. Uploaded with [url=http://imageshack
  11. Got sick of the Thurston look. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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