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  1. Well #### i haven't been round these parts in years! Mostly familiar faces about which is nice to see although I barely play guitar myself anymore. But i have been messing around at hackerspaces polishing up electronics/programmings skills and getting some electronic stuff together! Here's a little sneak preview
  2. Hi mate, I know its been a while. Sadly I've packed in guitar, but not permenantly (I hope). I might get an acoustic sometime, but otherwise I've just lost the inclination for the time being.

    Be strong man \m/

  3. Alex,

    you're back! When I saw your post, I was glad. Where were you for all those months?


  4. I never looked into getting an iPhone until recently, but the price!!?? I payed less that that for my bogner.
  5. I'd suggest you go about making one. Look up some guides on the internet and use your current p/g as a template
  6. A little. There are others here who could explain far better than I could
  7. I'd simply get some GFS pickups. Lindy fralin and boutique stuff like that isn't really nesecarry if you only need a generic kind of sound. I'd look at GFS power rails, or crunchy rails or crunchy pats. The power rails are my favorite.
  8. You'd have to clamp a piece of jagstang heel-shaped MDF/plywood onto the back of the 24 fret neck and use a router with a guide bit to cut off the excess, leaving it flush with the template.
  9. To be honest, no. But I have found that the 24 fret necks off 'metal' guitars have exactly the same measurement. If you were to trim the heel to fit, the guitar would intonate perfectly. However, to fit a strat neck you would need to move the bridge back over an inch or so - probably an inch an a half, which is more hassle than its worth as you'd need to fill and repaint the whole thing to make it match. Or you could extend the neck pocket, which to me seems impossible. I'm not at all sure of the widths of the heels of the two different necks though, so I think you'd be best getting one of these, and trying to cut a more fenderish shape out of it, or even add on wood, and make a proper fender style headstock and refinish it: http://store.guitarfetish.com/rst24frneprf.html EDIT: You're a lefty Well you could go out and get a squier stagemaster neck then, as they are fender style reverse headstocks which have 24 frets. You turn that the right way round and you have yourself a fender neck with 24 frets. You will still have to modify the heel on that though.
  10. It was designed that way because is was cheapest. Kurt used 16k pickups, and the JS has 5k pickups, which are considered weak for humbuckers of the 50s. Don't be afraid to swap the pickups. Its never a bad idea.
  11. Aww man, gotta get me one of them mockingbirds They are awesome and perfect in every way. Spread the mockingbird love people
  12. I've heard some made in very late 94, but the only ones made in 93 were kurt's two prototypes. The jagstang quit production in 1999 and restarted again in 2003, and some people brand those as reissues although they are no better or worse. This means that all the ones made up to 99 are 'originals' even though there are far more original issue ones that reissues around. But also, the 96 ones had the 50th anniversery sticker on.
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