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  1. Yes, but it goes out of tune after I use it 10 or so times. I haven't gotten around to 'setting it up' so i think it could get better. Only string i have problems with is high E but i need to adjust my action.
  2. Those aren't fat strings... My guitar is/has been running 12 - 56 since i bought it 4 years ago ish. I don't see any frets wearing down but i do hurt the fretboard itself every now and again nothing bad but you can see the 3 or so times it's happened. As for the bridge, the guy who sold it to me had it set up for heavy gauge and had two massive springs set up in the vibrato so it sits just right. I actually find the fatter stings sound much nicer? Like a warmer and just more happy sounding? Just my opinion though.
  3. My bad it is the action. It brushes up against the higher frets when I bend it. Thanks guys =D
  4. I'll upload some pics when i find my camera. I don't know it it's that. The Hotrail is a lot higher up then the humbucker. The humbucker is level with the pick guard and the hotrail is 1/4 of an inch higher? I think less i don't know inches well.
  5. Just fixed up my hotrail and it seems to sound just fine now but i broke the string so i didn't test it too much but it seems to only do that on the DiMarzio pup
  6. I installed a DiMarzio D-Activator-X (or whatever it's worded) and a Seymor Duncan Hot Rail in my JagStang. The Hotrail is currently not connected properly (idk what I did wrong) anyways since i only have the DM hooked up and working but on the high E string if i bend an extreme amount it cuts out. Like no sound at all. It becomes VERY apparent over the 12th fret area but if i ry i can do it anywhere on the fretboard but only on that string. Any idea why? Or that if it ill be the same for my hotrail?
  7. When i bought my Jag-Stang (4 years agoish) I wasn't much of a metal head. Linkin Park at the heaviest and I didn't know what i was looking for. Anyways after my first year I was promised a new electric guitar. I didn't do much looking but my friend mentioned the Jag-Stang and how it was made by Kurt Cobain and well thats the one i got. Anyways that was 4 years ago and now i'm more into metal. Bullet for Valentine, Job For a Cowboy, Nile, All that remains, and other stuff like that. As i started tuning it lower I started noticing the humbucker isn't exactly what I needed and for the past year or so I've been using the single coil to play metal. Anyways now that i've got some extra money I want to replace the Humbucker into something that can play some heavier tunes and what i'm asking is it worth it? It has a basswood body which to my understanding is good and i don't seem why i couldn't put a nice high output Humbucker in it. But are there any strict limitations I should be aware of? I don't wana buy a new guitar and aside from it costing a lot more nothing is more ironic then playing death metal on a red fender?
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