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  1. make sure you upload it somewhere so we can all hear it whne its done?!
  2. no >.> though I wouldn't mind an el capistan as a late xmas present to myself considering I haven't bought myself anything in a while other than a camera...
  3. strymon el capistan... deluxe memory man...dl4... one of them
  4. PGS don't sell analogman. Buy direct from analogman. Man up and get the best.
  5. your guitar doesn't like you... compare it to babies crying.
  6. Mcpedo has given up guitar...he's currently selling all his gear on evilbay!
  7. I remember when I started I just wanted something with a clean channel and a dirty channel, my roland cube sufficed nicely
  8. hi flyer for sure... sidejack is nice too though... not too much difference so if you were thinking of getting one I would just play both of them and see which one you prefer sound/playing wise.
  9. rickenbacker 330 12 string rickenbacker 360 sg junior normal sg melody maker firebird VI 335 page les paul CS strat 72 telecaster custom natural finish jazzmaster (like one in this shop near me) green jaguar old duo sonic II fender jazz bass old epi casino do i really need to continue?
  10. I already said a similar thing, maybe you shouldn't have posted too?
  11. I think it will be routed; assuming that it is exactly the same body as the Cp jazzmaster
  12. volume control is a beautiful beautiful thing once you start to use it to change your tone. Once you start you will be constantly fiddling with it i guarantee..
  13. errrrrrrrr this looks awfull!

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      I much prefer the old version, but I'm sure there are good reasons for the change. It still looks better than 90% of the forums out there, and I'm sure we will all get used to it soon.

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      Sorry about that.

    4. feedbackismyfriend
  14. 70% of your tone comes from the amp... just becuase he has a jag doesnt mean you will get that tone... Can't remember if this was the thread i posted in ages ago... but look into the CP jazzys and jags, play a few and decide. You're not going to get any closer by finding out which guitars are used by who.
  15. froosh used a jazzy which was randomly in the studio for under the bridge. Definitely remember reading that..
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