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  1. So I completed this. Here's a link to the build. Post pictures if you would like. http://shortscale.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=47162 Untitled by punkacc9, on Flickr
  2. jag-stang mashup by punkacc9, on Flickr
  3. Jag-Stang 2.0 by punkacc9, on Flickr The Jag-Stang 2.0 is here! It is based off of Kurdts original design with his mustang configuration and a toggle instead of the phase switches like his Jaguar. UPDATE: The new Kurt Cobain Mustang pickguard and vibrato/bridge edited. Jag-Stang 2.0 DONE by punkacc9, on Flickr Not really.. It was fun to photoshop though. I found a warmoth made body on ebay the other day the same as this body and it made me want to build one. So contacted Tim from TK Customs about making me the body and he can so i photo shopped this out of my Jagblaster design. I'll ju
  4. So if anyone is wondering how the Marauder is... It's beautiful. I pre ordered mine and got it as soon as it was shipped out from Fender. The looks are absolutely gorgeous. It plays really nice, the neck reminds me of the classic player jazzmaster neck. The neck pickup is the same as the modern player jazz. But... now the bridge pickup is pretty sweet. You can get a lot of different sounds from it. (three blade single coils in one pickup) I bought the lake placid blue one. The color is so nice with the white pearl pickguard and back plate. The overall design is neat and finally new. Fender has
  5. So aftermarket pickguards and originals fit the warmoth body's?
  6. Yeah he had about three of them necks this summer. And yep timbo posts the mustang body's every now and then. You just gotta contact him and tell him you want one. They're American mustangs too. Nice guy as well.
  7. Yeah I'm not totally Shute of the color definitely yet either. It won't be that neon yellow like the picture. I'm going for a color like the yellow cyclones. That or maybe white. It's got to go with the all black pickguard and electronics. I'm a big fan of the glossy walnut stain mustangs like that.
  8. mustang + jag-stang = by punkacc9, on Flickr Update! I took and traced my 69 reissue mustang and my first issue jag-stang then stacked the drawings on top of each other. Then i morphed them together and traced it. template by punkacc9, on Flickr I just had a custom pickguard made for me for it. Black/White/Black with a humbucker rout in the bridge and a single coil in the neck. I decided not to have any phase switch routs in it because im gonna drill a toggle in the lower horn like a duosonic. Pickguard! by punkacc9, on Flickr The neck I'm going with is a a Jaguar neck off of one of t
  9. nope. its gonna have mustang horns, a humbucker, a single coil and a toggle with a jagstang butt
  10. Hey guys I just though I should share with you what I've been up to with my latest projects. Im building a vintage 1966 mustang. I refinished it in Daphne blue and just need to finish up the clear coat. Then rebuild it with parts off eBay lol. I'm also building two other mustangs. I have no idea what I'm gonna do yet but was thinking a toggle switch and some cool mods. Give me som suggestions. But anyway I found a great new guitar company on ebay that are making mustang and jazzy body's that are to fender American specs and they are the same quality or better then warmoth. But it gets bette
  11. Ok so I just traced one of my jag-stangs and my mustang and then clashed them together meaning it's a mustang body with a super offset butt like the jag-stang. I edited a picture a long time ago and it's on this site somewhere but anyway I will have pictures of the template soon and my progress thru it. Thanks
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