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  1. Pickups have arrived! Waiting on the other parts to arrive so I can get started on the wiring.
  2. I decided to leave the bridge for now as I couldn't get a definitive answer from the vendor. I ordered the locking machine heads, Jaguar master control plate and pickup plate. I also ordered new 500k pots, .022 orange drop capacitor, new wiring and some shielding tape to cover the entire routed sections. Should I shield the back of the scratch plate and Jaguar control plate also?
  3. Thanks Fran, I'm still unsure which one I need. Will the one in the bottom left of this link interchange? http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/gbridge_genuinefenderstrattrem.htm Thanks I think I'll stick with the stock plate though... kind of like the old school look of it. Checkout my dodgy mockup below of what I plan on doing to it along with the pickup change. This is my first ever guitar mods so I have decided to go a little crazy I plan on fitting a Jaguar master control plate (with Jaguar knobs) along with a Jaguar pickup control plate to replace the dodgy toggle switch. What do
  4. Hi All I bought myself a sunburst Jagmaster new earlier this year as my "everyday" guitar. I have been planning to do some work on this guitar for a while so I decided to get started... Here is the guitar with my 97 Jag-Stang. The plan Replace the SD's with the following. -DiMarzio PAF Pro for the neck -DiMarzio Super Distortion for the bridge I have ordered the pups today and was going to go with the creme colour but they had to back order them so I have gone with black. I think it should look pretty mean with the sunburst... I have totally stripped the guitar and plan on replacing
  5. dropped a deposit on the TT today. Can't wait to get rid of my old crappy practice amp!
  6. Hi All Looking at buying a Tiny Terror combo... Anyone using one? What's your opinion? Was also considering a Fender Blues Junior but like the 7 watt switch on the TT (more neighbour friendly when home!) Opinions? Cheers Aaron
  7. Mine is actually missing the 'designed by Kurt Cobain' sticker. Did some JS's just not have this sticker or is it prone to peeling off?
  8. Hi All Just thought I'd point out a great little eBay store I found that is selling MIJ Mustangs among other guitars.... http://stores.ebay.com.au/Jos-Music-Shop_Electric-guitar_W0QQcolZ4QQdirZQ2d1QQfsubZ166337011QQftidZ2QQtZkm They have the standard 69 reissue, 69 Kurt based reissue with the humbucker and tune o-matic and my personal fav the lake placid blue competition 73 with matching headstock. Anyone got a 73 comp reissue? what's your take on this guitar? Cheers Aaron
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys Mustang-Pete, I paid $850AU for it 'Buy It Now' style. I had previously lost one on normal bidding a few months back so I didn't mind paying that ammount for it. Does that seam like a reasonable price? Few questions... Does the standard MIJ Mustang control plate fit the JS? they are exactly the same right? My JS is a MIJ JS with a V serial number. It has the 50th Ann sticker on it also. What year does this make it? the sticker has me all confused.... Cheers Aaron
  10. Hi Guys New to the forums and just thought I'd post my new JS I picked up in Australia off ebay. Is in relatively good condition, however all the chrome on the tail piece, bridge and control plate is scractched up like crazy... I have ordered all new chrome bits from guitarpartsresource.com along with a new scratch plate and all the official fender screws etc as most of the heads of the screws are burred... The action was really high and felt terrible when I got it so I had legendary local shop set it up for me and it feels unbelievable now. Loving the short scale neck! My plans are to g
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