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  1. Hi. I'm picking up an AVRI JM in a few hours. I just need some pointers or things to look for to verify its authenticity. There's only two I know of which is that the serial number is found in the back plate, plus the muting system are standard on all 62 avri jm and jags. Thing is I'm looking at the bridge and the foam plate's not there. BUT, it's not a red flag just yet. Owner might have just removed the whole muting thing. What else is there to cross refrence by? PLS help! Thanks!!!
  2. Hi Everyone! I just got back my Jag that I sold a few months back and I couldnt be more happier. Unfortunately, it's personal connection to me outweighs the cons I have to deal with. The guy I sold it to seems to enjoy dings and what not. It definitely needs a professional setup and I sincerely hope he didnt mess around with the electronics. It sounds so awful. The action's so low Two frets sound the same. I'm not a guitar guru. Quick backgrond: I'm a die hard bedroom guitar player but playing drums is my profession. I love them both equally. That being said, most of my knowledge comes from the endless hours learning from you guys, strat-talk.com/talkbass/gearslutz etc... MAIN question: Are there any local stores in Los Angeles that carry pickguards/tremolo arm etc? Dazbootzman, guitarpartsresource.com I know about, but I'm specifically looking to check em out first in person (if it's at all possible). I have a Fender MIJ 94 Jag with the red tortoise PG and I'm sure a lot of you are aware of this. The PG I'm looking for is similar to this pic on the right. I copied it from one rumorsofsurf, one of our members. If you've personally bought an MIJ pickguard from a website that specifically looks like this, please let me know too. Thanks!
  3. We had an agreement that I was gonna drive over tonight. Apparently, someone offered $800 for it. LIFE. Pissed but I can't cause he just wanted to get ird of it. What's Ironic was that, that guitar was on craigslist for 2 months and no one took it. The moment I decided I wanted it. I lose it. I have that mantra when it comes to buying stuff on craigs... "If I dont get it, that guitar wasn't for me." Oh well on to the next hunt. I wish I could just have a white on white jag land on my lap right now Thanks guys!
  4. He's pretty much fixed on his price... Here's what I'm getting if I buy it Fender Jag with matching headstock in Ocean Turqouise. Mustang saddle G&G alligator case Awesome Setup from a "Retired Senior Master Builder" (As long as it rocks, I believe whatever he says. He sounds genuine
  5. Hi everyone. Can you give me an idea how much these '66 Ocean Turquoise jags would sell for??? Headstock color is the same He's Selling it for $700 All together... Here's his info I grabbed from craigs. (I only have $580 but I'm losing my head over this! damn G.A.S.!!!) Fender Jaguar '66 reissue made in Japan. Recent pro set up with frets freshly crowned, dressed and polished. Has some chips around edge of body. Killer action! Great player! $700.00 There was a blue book for guitars I saw at Barnes and Noble before, wish I had that now! If you'll give your take on the price, pls don't base it on emotion, I'd pay $1000 for this lol. Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks! She's a '94 Jag. And yes, it's Sunkist lol BTW, has anyone purchased pickguards from guitarpartsresource.com? Can you post some pics? Thanks!
  7. Hello Jag-stang dudes. It's Francis from Los Angeles. Been a while since i've posted, all this time admiring all your guitars so i guess it's time to return the favor. Hope you enjoy em. Really psyched with how much difference a mustang bridge does. Also added a buzz stop. I'm planning to have her setup over the weekend! God bless.
  8. Has anyone tried putting a Jag bridge cover (by itself) on a MIJ jag?
  9. nicesome lol i wish there are GA meetings (Gearaholics anonymous) in my area. (if every there were any.
  10. apology accepted travis. thanks for clearing that up... thanks for the clarification Z*Z*Z! i guess I'll just play it safe and pretty much buy all the components on my list just to be safe and avoid additional shipping. i HONESTLY don't understand what importance the jaguar can bring to the table in terms of my guitar collection. Maybe it's all the cool electronics you get to push up and down, maybe it's because everyone else are holding Strats everywhere i go. The jaguars (as well as mustangs AND jag-stangs) just look so rebellious and at the same time FREE. (not in dollar terms of course) It might sound a bit proverbial but those are just my sentiments. I just wanted to have one ever since last year and since i started getting hooked on CL, it's all been an addicted buying binge I'm trying to get out off. I still have a bunch of dream equipment and guitar i want to finish collecting by the end of the year... (This excludes the under $200 indulgences) 1. Marshall 72 JMP MK II Super Lead 2. Marshall 1960 AX Cab 3. Fender 410 Deville (a must for my fenders hehehe) 4. PRS HollowBody II Dark Cherry Burst 5. Fender 62 Tele (Sunburst, just like Fruciante's) 6. Fender American Deluxe Telecaster (Cherry burst) I tell myself once i get these, it's gonna be all enough... but deep inside, it seems as if satisfaction and contentment will never settle in. I hope I'm wrong... lol One last thing i've been telling myself recently: "Don't get caught up in the field of gear acquisition too much... In the big picture, it's all about the music you make. Instruments are only there to help you paint a picture of your vision... Creativity, Freedom of Expression and most of all Sincerity still triumphs over any $20,000 collector's guitar. No matter how great our idols are/were... at some point, they all started from scratch too."
  11. What can i do?! That's life man. always an @###### in every bunch. Probably some high school kid in desperate need of attention.
  12. yep. I only found out through the forums here that he did actually play a jag or a jazzmaster with Under the Bridge... but besides that, all i've seen him use are 2 of his strats, his 2 teles and a Gretsch Hollow body... thanks for the insight though!
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