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  1. i checked and cables are okey, but didnt have the patience to check if wiring matched the diagram. i would get it back to him but he's on holidays till end of september so i have to work it out myself. and im no soldering expert so thought to give it to someone who knows better,but...
  2. i got some new switched for jaguar and had them installed by a tech. First time i plugged the guitar was after couple of days from getting it back (and after a plane transfer) and i realized that when switched to the lead circuit both pickups are heard really really low,practically inaudible. rhythm circuit is ok, but lead in any combination isnt working. i really cant remember if when i got it from shop was working, but i supposed he would be really retarded to give me a non working guitar, and he isnt, so i assume wiring was correct, but something got a little moved and now there is this problem, any ideas?thanks
  3. thanks for the advice, unfortunately its not that, i've tried it. actually the frets were taken after last year, and it was very nice then, but it was with 12s then, i dont know if it has any impact.
  4. the low e string buzzes a lot. i have set up everything that could be a reason. the truss rod is adjusted very good. i tried shimming. the bridge is as high as should be and then some more. i tried putting a thin metal thing under the saddle of the e string, it didnt really solve the problem not to mention sustain loss. i am using elixir 11s. what else should i try, i dont want to raise the bridge SO much as to avoid buzzing. its crazy when i compare action with the tele which is as low as is gets.thanks
  5. Hello. Is it worth it to change the japan made neck pickup with these genuine fender one? Will the upgrade make the sound better, maybe together with pots changing and stuff? http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/pickups_fenderj.htm
  6. http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/elec ... erpots.htm which one of these pots would do for volume in the jaguar? i know it is supposed to be 1meg but audio or linear? and all these 1megs are solid shaft, how do i work this?thanks
  7. the 2880 would be SO much better if there was a switch on the case in order to select mutliple songs. i mean you can only store 4 tracks on the card for one song. it would be very usefull if you could store 5 songs and select between them with a knob or something
  8. its a simple live looper. you just record stuff and mess with that, reverse, double/half speed, overdub and such.
  9. you have only one loop. you can overdub as many times as you want, but the previous layer gets slightly quieter with each overdub. also, you cannot store loops. if you turn off the pedal the loop goes away.
  10. i havent heard the new reissues, but i can tell you that the AC30 IS the amp.
  11. hello. i am looking for a harcase/flightcase for the jaguar, can you suggest some cases besides the fender ones cause i would like to find something cheaper. i have found cases by rockcase which look ok. this one is for jazzmaster, but i guess since jaguar isnt as long as the jazzy this one might as well do? i have the jaguar at the studio so i cant measure the length, can some kind person measure the length and the width of their jaguar, that would be nice.thank you
  12. didnt mean to sound harsh. i just meant that i wanted to know how that circuit works, not out of curiosity for that very guitar, but i wanted to know if the pots can actually make such a difference, in order to apply that to the tele. funnily enough it was an issue that could be addressed to either one of the three following forums if: jaguar/other models/effects
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