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  1. That Marauder is a real sweetheart. I love the Jagblaster design, though the pick up lay out is strange me thinks. Two Jazzy pick ups would be golden, but that Jag pick up gives it some variety.
  2. http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff6/wiitech/kurtsigningneck_small.jpg http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff6/wiitech/daveSigning_small.jpg Yes
  3. I know, it was so chunky I wanted to compare it to the young lass working there's neck. But I played this Fiesta red maple neck tele today. The neck felt perfect and the neck pick-up has to be the best sounding ever.
  4. Are there any shape or measurement differences in Mustang and Duo bodies? I Wanna start a Bronco or Duo-Sonic II project. I don't wanna get one and buy all the stuff, then cry because all the stuff doesn't fit.
  5. All I want right now is a bronco. Theres this Duo Sonic near my place for $200. It's torino red and i thought I could fill whatever I had to and get a bronco pickguard. Is it worth it? I'm just so sick of what i have, I need a project to keep me busy and something else to do.
  6. I'm getting on just to rape it with Omarz stickerz
  7. Good luck Mco. I usually bring a hammer to places so when people don't sell me things. I bash their face in with a hammer. Just say you did it for de lulz and the manager will get the humor and let you go.
  8. You have officially been recruited by the AAMP (Alliance Against McPedo). We now have 3 members! You, me and foxy! excuse me, i started the alliance against mcpedo. in fact, i was the first one to recognize his pedoing. true sur. Bows
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