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  1. Where was that? I didn't see a Mustang in completed listings for that price! What's the item number?
  2. Which guitar is more versatile? Mustang or Jaguar (SS or HS both with trems, the way I prefer 'em)? --I've a MIJ Jag and a MIJ Mustang, and I love them both. I'm a lefty, so when I had the opportunity to get em, I pounced. There are probably better playing guitars out there with better tone or that fancy guitar-speak, but I adore these two, and that's that. Err, what was the question? Oh, versatility. I prefer the weight and neck on the Stang, but the Jag is more versatile... Also what are main differences between 65 and 69 Mustang apart from body contours? -- Again, in my situation it's the weight and neck. Which guitar, Mustang or Jaguar has more sustain? -- The Stang seems to have more sustain. Not a major difference..? Which is better for distortion which for clean (I understand this is very subjective but I'd still like to hear from you)? -- Jag better on both. Which guitar accepts pedals better? -- As above, the Jag wins there, although mine does have Seymour Duncan humbuckers, so .... Much nicer bassier tone from the Jag. Again, these are all MY opinions. Other opinions I'm sure will differ massively!
  3. Ok, so my MIJ Fender Mustang is tuned all funny and whatnot. The low E string is now a low D string.... but when I play notes on that string, it has a tendency to 'slip', or sort of wrap around off the neck. Would a heavy gauge string solve this problem? Or...? Any advice appreciated!
  4. Probably a question that comes up often, but I need a Fender Jaguar Body Template drawing? Preferably a lefty, though I could always flip it in Photoshop! Any ideas...?
  5. Gold is interesting... anyone do a gold sparkle pickguard - even one I could cut myself?
  6. Yeah, Not the most technical of questions, but I'm looking to make my Mustang a bit more interesting/sexier/different... anyone have any pickguard/scratchplate color suggestions? Here's as is : Bit tired of that combo, but wouldn't dare get the body painted!
  7. Well, I'm having issues with my Fender Jaguar, need some help! It plays all scratchy and sh*tty, like the sound you get when headphones aren't plugged in properly. That is until I touch any of the metal parts on the body ... the chrome around the switches & the knobs. Then it's fine! So it's a bad ground connection, or something else? My Big Muff breaks up until I touch that metal on the guitar, then it's perfect sounding. Oh - that switch at the top (next to the roller pots for volume and tone) just wobbles around loose, but it always has! Thanks!
  8. http://www.facebook.com/bulmersberry?v=app_11007063052 you've to log into facebook first though...
  9. Giga delay for me Fran, too many settings for me to get bored with it! Did just get a nice other one on ebay though, I forget the name.... !!! :/
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