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  1. Where was that? I didn't see a Mustang in completed listings for that price! What's the item number?
  2. Which guitar is more versatile? Mustang or Jaguar (SS or HS both with trems, the way I prefer 'em)? --I've a MIJ Jag and a MIJ Mustang, and I love them both. I'm a lefty, so when I had the opportunity to get em, I pounced. There are probably better playing guitars out there with better tone or that fancy guitar-speak, but I adore these two, and that's that. Err, what was the question? Oh, versatility. I prefer the weight and neck on the Stang, but the Jag is more versatile... Also what are main differences between 65 and 69 Mustang apart from body contours? -- Again, in my situation it's
  3. Ok, so my MIJ Fender Mustang is tuned all funny and whatnot. The low E string is now a low D string.... but when I play notes on that string, it has a tendency to 'slip', or sort of wrap around off the neck. Would a heavy gauge string solve this problem? Or...? Any advice appreciated!
  4. Probably a question that comes up often, but I need a Fender Jaguar Body Template drawing? Preferably a lefty, though I could always flip it in Photoshop! Any ideas...?
  5. Gold is interesting... anyone do a gold sparkle pickguard - even one I could cut myself?
  6. Yeah, Not the most technical of questions, but I'm looking to make my Mustang a bit more interesting/sexier/different... anyone have any pickguard/scratchplate color suggestions? Here's as is : Bit tired of that combo, but wouldn't dare get the body painted!
  7. Well, I'm having issues with my Fender Jaguar, need some help! It plays all scratchy and sh*tty, like the sound you get when headphones aren't plugged in properly. That is until I touch any of the metal parts on the body ... the chrome around the switches & the knobs. Then it's fine! So it's a bad ground connection, or something else? My Big Muff breaks up until I touch that metal on the guitar, then it's perfect sounding. Oh - that switch at the top (next to the roller pots for volume and tone) just wobbles around loose, but it always has! Thanks!
  8. http://www.facebook.com/bulmersberry?v=app_11007063052 you've to log into facebook first though...
  9. Giga delay for me Fran, too many settings for me to get bored with it! Did just get a nice other one on ebay though, I forget the name.... !!! :/
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