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  1. Hey guys, Im trying 10 guage strings for the first time. The strings wont fit in the grooves on the top of the nect, anyone have any ides on how to open those to get the heavier guage strings in?
  2. Does anyone know which Pickup Kurt used for his (NECK) Pickup out of the texas specials...was it the Bridge Middle Neck?/ I read somewhere he didnt use the neck pickup....also I have a SEYMORE DUNCAN JB Humbucker to pair with my neck pickup ao im trying to find a decent match for it thanks
  3. Yeah thanks i appreciate it! I fliped it and directly feed it through, maybe ill switch to 10-52 guage strings. Maybe I should alsoadjust my bridge a little better like I said im only just starting out so ALL & ANY suggestions help....again thanks
  4. Hey what size bolts go into the tube? and what size washers did u use?????
  6. Whats up everyone....I have a Jagstang and I couldnt keep it in tune to save my life.. So one day I got so pissed off that it wouldnt stay in tune...First I took the Cigar Tube Flipped it around so I could DIRECTLY FEED THE STRINGS THRU.. Then I taped the post of the bridge to keep it from floatng..Has anyone else tried this it stays in tune a little better but I dont know if I should get the innition checked or what to do? Would it be better to turn the tube back around and put washers under it so i could wrap the strings around, cause I dont use the wammy bar so I wanted o make it a hard tai
  7. Flatline..How was it overall was it a good amp? I have a Fender JAGSTANG and ds-1 pedal setup, and so on ...im playing a ####ty marshall now and was just looking for an upgrade
  8. Just thinking about getting this AMP ive seen a few demos on youtube, Has anyone used this with there JaGsTaNg??
  9. I want to know if anyone has made there jagstang cigar tube a hard tail for better tuning, if so any pictures i heard there are a few ways like using washers and all that happy horse ####...anyway all ideas welcome
  10. I went to guitar center today and played around with the Vibro champ xd its a 5w tube -digital practice amp by fender I didnt take My jagstang Up there I was woundering if anyone has tried this amp and what they think....
  11. Whats up everyone by any chance does anyone know what size allen wrench the cigar tube is??? im trying to screw it down and make it a hard tail
  12. My strings are making a buzzing noise can anyone help me out with a proper setup?? I asked this questin awhile back about fliping the cigar tube around and screwing it down all the way since I dont use the whammy, Any and all suggestions on geting a chronic setup please feel free
  13. HEY WHATS UP GUYS!! cOUPLE OF quick questions first off who makes a decent drum machine?? second do any of them make one that has drum options and recording?????
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