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  1. i have an idea. ill just get the behringer x v-amp. it has a whammy function and is only 45 quid. will do t the job. not posted anywhere on JS for a lifetime. I think it's because the new layout pisses me off.
  2. its one of their higher end basses yes for thar price i wish they'd at least considered putting a jaguar control plate in it though
  3. Was looking through ebay and found this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Fender-Squier-Vintage-Modified-Jaguar-Bass-Black-/360298228921?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item53e372acb9 there was a topic about this bass and I thought I'd just post what I found
  4. oooh cheers didnt know the answer would come that quick cheers henry
  5. does anybody know any other effects unit that works similar but for much cheaper? anything by behringer?
  6. so you're a mega teh kurtz kid? i fancy getting a univox hiflyer myself but will probably settle with the aria dm380 and modify it, despite the longer scale
  7. ill only really be using the bridge pickup so i cant really be bothered to change the other pickups, i might just bypass the toggle switch so only the bridge pup works
  8. yeah, im more of a humbucker guy though, not really into the single coil sound i think matt's doing it me for 60 quid
  9. it's one of matt's he's getting shut of, nathan and fran will know who im talking aboot it's just an affinity i think, i reckon ill leave it with a white scratchplate on it, will definitely hve a hot rail in the bridge position, maybe kluson tuners
  10. tehe, they've become a shambles now the guitar hero and rockband games could teh kurdtz be sold out even more? plus they gave his jagstang the specs of the sonic blue in utero tour mustang which is stupid i hate guitar hero
  11. i prefer fiesta red on a jagstang, personally it complements the pearloid scratchplate more
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