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  1. i personally like the original musicmaster (pre 1964) a 1958-1961 desert sand model would be one of the "holy grails" of guitars for me. the holy grail of all basses for me would be the Fender Bass V. That thing is WILD.
  2. i'll totally take the rainbow one. dont even care. its freakin cool.
  3. Fancy eh? I sort of Jag-Stang'd this one up with the pickup layout. and on this one i just went all out.
  4. holy crap its been awhile.... aaaanyway, i have one of these. Mine, at least, is a Norma. Its a piece of junk. Never should have bought it haha. I mean, some of them could be semi-okay but mine is garbage.
  5. i know its technically a knock off and a very cheap one at that, but i really love my SX SST57. it is probably the closest guitar to an actual stratocaster. but it is hard to choose between that and my explorer
  6. i would be lying if i said i havent ever thought about modding a black MIM strat to look like this one. but nothing ever came of it. now im just looking for my own signature looking guitar that no one else has. I just cant play a guitar that's someone elses (i.e. the srv strat). you have to make your own image.
  7. haha i wouldnt mind having a danelectro. and im a closet longhorn fan. haha theyre really bizarre and generally unlikeable but i want one. update: i found out that the pickups on my norma are worth more than the actual guitar all together. thats sad.
  8. Teiscos are great guitars. You just gotta make sure you buy the right one. I bought mine on ebay and when it got here the neck was severely warped and i found out i overpayed for it... so make sure you: 1.Do your research 2.Give it a test play if at all possible Im currently looking for another one to replace the piece of crap i bought. Im thinking of an SG-ish copy
  9. By now, a lot of you probably know im a little bit of an epi(NOT GIBSON)head. For the most part, that opinion is valid haha. Anyway I wanted to know if any of you have any information on the "Scroll" series from the 70's. Like playability, prices, common problems, etc. Because theres not a whole lot of info on the internet about them. And I wanted to do a little research before i put a bid in for this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Epiphone-SC-450-Mah ... 7C294%3A50
  10. Oh and yes those are teisco gold foil pickups. Ry Cooder was the inspiration for those. he used gold foils all the time and had a strat with a few in it haha. theyre probably the same kind thats on mine..
  11. I have no clue but that thing is nice. It is probably worth more than $50, Im thinking at least $120 but I could be wrong. I love teiscos and other 60's and 70's japanese guitars soooooo much. I have a norma haha, its okay but it does have major neck warpage and i got scammed on it money-wise. should have done my research on the model I got i suppose haha.
  12. yeah but they probably dont want metal.... its a hollowbody guitar....
  13. i heard Elixir Light Nanoweb strings are the best for any type of music. i havent tried them yet but maybe soon haha.
  14. yeah i almost got one for myself but i got an sx strat instead. that thing is nice, especially for 99 usd.
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com/Electric-Guitar-Pro ... 7C294%3A50 theres a bunch of those floating around ebay. youre taking a risk with quality though. ive seen them in white, black, sunburst, green, and a purple color
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