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  1. well it's a great thing you've done there, it looks really good and I'd like to copy it someday. def a guitar that looks cool and has the sad little footnote about being Kurt's last fender.
  2. all up, how much did the 93tele project cost?
  3. so the OP would pay 1400 for a mint one, yet passed on a mint one for 1300? fiscal cliff notes?
  4. sure some of the japanese serial numbers have been recycled, but the 65 vintage reissue model has only been around for a few years, maybe 3 years? so there is no way that it was made in the mid 90's. also reissue mustangs made in the early to mid 90's are hard to come by now anyway. the earliest reissue mustang ive got is a 1996 bought during 1999. You have to remember that during the early to mid 90's with no internet it was practically impossible to get any made in japan fenders without actually going to japan. Ive never actually seen a reissue mustang made in 1993 in person, although we
  5. Dakota Red = Fire Engine red Fiesta Red = Tomato Soup red
  6. kurt is singing about how his mustang is fiesta red. and this was the last known date that he played it at, at least as far as surfaced pictures and videos goes. although there is some footage later in the europe tour that it was still available and sitting in the guitar rack late feb, but not used. click pictures on the feb 94 NPA entry at NLG: http://www.nirvanaguide.com/images/1994/020494.01.jpg
  7. ok assclown, how does it feel... look at him look at him look at him! 1. Mr Maxima is talking about vintage mustangs, we are talking reissue mustangs. 2. Kurts red Mustang WAS fiesta red & most likely built in 1993 3. Here you can buy one now if you want (MG73/CO FRD): 4. I have photos off ebay somewhere of a Fiesta Red reissue mustang (non comp) from around 2002. 5. Fiesta Red Mustangs DO exist, however like previously stated, pre 2000 are rare or non-existent. 6. Slap yourself for not knowing your shades of Fender red
  8. Kurts red reissue mustang WAS fiesta red - this is clearly visible in the photos of him at NPA. It has that tomato soup red shade. having said that, I have NEVER seen another fiesta red reissue mustang from this era, especially one with a neck date from 1993-1999, they just don't exist. Kurt's was def a one off for some reason - and sent to him as a single guitar, months before his sonic blue ones. Starting from around/circa 2000 Fender Japan did do Fiesta Red & Fiesta red competition mustangs and they can been seen on google. This fiesta-red mustang is the only reason i can deduce
  9. so around early 1997 i was watching the beatles anthology quite a lot. at the time i was dead set keen on getting an epiphone casino just like john lennon - he just seemed like the coolest bastard in the world with that thing. however for some reason, when i happend across fender.com they had a guitar there listed as the jag-stang. it was just the most surf punktastic thing i had ever seen. Being a nirvana fan years before that, it was kind of perplexing why i hadn't heard of it sooner - pre internet mainstream perhaps. in fact, are there any 1995 jag-stangs around? in those days money w
  10. prior to the jag-stang, had fender ever offered a guitar that had a full sized humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the neck? I couldn't really think of one, def not a strat or a jazz/jag. maybe a tele but ive only seen them in with a humbucker in the neck, or two humbuckers
  11. have any of the japanese reissue jazzmasters ever had the large CBS headstock and the F tuners with hexagonal keys and large gold CBS fender logo, like the one pictured below (a lefty example, but you get the idea): all the ones ive seen have the spaghetti logo and oval tuners
  12. is someone able to post a side by side pic of a mid 90's Jag-stang in the original "Aqua-Surf" Sonic Blue and the 2000's reissue in the actual color that is known as Sonic Blue. Were these variations in shade prevalent on the fiesta red versions?
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