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  1. hi watching the live and loud concert i realized that kurt was using a pedal that i haven't seen before, as far as i know, he used to use the boss ds-2 turbo distortion, tech 21 sans amp (the second one in the pic) electro harmonix small clone and the electro harmonix polychorus i didn't find it at http://www.kurtsequipment.com/ Here's the pic it seems like boss , doesn't it? can anyone identify it?
  2. I don't think that Jagmaster is a hybrid , I think Squier should rename that guitar because it seems more like a cheap copy of the kurt's jaguar and it has nothing of the jazzmaster . Maybe they should create another guitar with a 25.5 scale lenght and some p90's to simulate the jazzy's sound.
  3. My favorite pedal is the proco turbo rat, i love to make feedback and noise with it.
  4. yeah but , technically, a booster pedal can be connected to a jazzmaster pickup?(is what it seems) and what is the vibrato channel function?
  5. i was looking the sonic youth gear page and i found this image of thurston's fender twin reverb. the orange box is certainly a WALCO SIGNAL BOOSTER , but i can't understand what is it doing in the vibrato channel, with a jazzmaster pickup(?). This is really weird for me. do you have any idea ? (sorry for my bad english)
  6. I am thinking of get the turbo rat this weekend. what is your experience with it? do you think is a good pedal for indie,noise and experimental?
  7. I found this beautiful sounding overdrive/distortion Crowther Hot cake Check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFBQA1VeC-Q
  8. I don't have one but i've heard that the quality of the chinese hardware is not good, especially the tuners
  9. you have good luck! Is my dream guitar and I only can buy squiers at the moment jeje However, congratulations ..
  10. I love my ZVex Super-Hardon its a great clean boost wow I saw a video and sounds great thanks!
  11. Someone knows wich is the best BOOST PEDAL
  12. Squier Telecaster Custom II P90 ??? yep, #### amazing neck tones, AMAZING i tell you! i'll have one one day, have no doubt. the bridge was kind of rude and obnoxious, but i've yet to play a p-90 in the bridge that i didn't hate. (even the celebrated lollar p-90 sounds #### to me in the bridge. neck was pretty good though.) I think I will have mine in July
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