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  1. What do you mean by shimming the neck? I'm having problems with harmonic overtones from the bridge.
  2. Jee you guys are all so prickly about the Jag. Let me get this straight.. I'm not unhappy with it, it's not unsuited to my style of music, I don't wish to sell it, and there's certainly nothing wrong with my amp, in fact it sounds awesome. So stop trying to talk me out of it! The reason i posted here was for some technical advice, not opinions on my style of music when you don't even know what i do! So now that i've got that out of system, the Jag sounds great now that i've had a bit more of a play around with it and i apologise to you all for my initial over-reaction to the pickups. The clean
  3. Ok, so i've had a bit more of a play around and it's sounding better. The clean sound is sweet. I get that it's not going to sound like a les paul and this is not the sound i'm after. I also have a PRS which fulfils this category nicely. I just want to get the most i can out of this guitar, highlighting its own unique characteristics and tone, however the squeal is a problem. I know that with a lot of distortion all guitars will squel to an extent but this is a really high pitched painful squeal that I'm not sure how to get rid of. There doesn't seem to be anything loose. The bridge just sits
  4. Hi, I picked up a Fender Jaguar about 12 months ago and it's only caused me headaches since. It was not even playable with the original jag bridge which i switched for a mustang and seems to work ok (except the saddles aren't height adjustable so the E's sit lower than the other strings). But the sound of the original pick-ups were pretty thin, so i thought i'd try the seymour duncan's. I've finally installed my long awaited SJAG3 Quarter Pounders, thinking it would convert a thin crappy sounding guitar into a rock guitar but all it does is squel. I mean, when used with overdrive, it just s
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