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  1. internet tough? I'm getting mad because I briefly described why I don't want to change the pickup but you ignored all of my reasons and kept suggesting me to change the pickup. I had reasons to be frustrated but you call me internet tough because of that? so based on your thought, anyone who outword you because you kept reasoning the wrong asnwer over and over again is internet tough? robert(original) was right; most of you are just gear-fanatics who can't play that well. It's my fault for asking this question here. bye.
  2. that's not the point here... as I kept saying over and over again, I asked how to increase it without changing the pickup but you're suggesting me to do change it. I briefly explained the reason why I don't want a highly sensitive pickups already... I'll just try to mess with the trem and have some light weight glass or something attached to the body to increase the natural feedback vibration.
  3. that's what I said in the first place but you said "it has nothing to do with the wood" before so I just wanted to correct it.
  4. I don't think so... the mustang from Beck was in orange, so they won't be making another colored competition stang and call it a Beck edition. it'll be just a separate model if so.
  5. I guess tightening or locking the trem is the only way. I'll try it and see what happens. thanks
  6. you're suggesting that I should use my mustang like an Ibanez superstrat, where the guitar itself doesn't have a tone but it solely depends on its pickups. Hell no. I already said that Tom Anderson-like high sensitive pickups and sustainer-type pedals would do it, but I asked if anyone knows how to increase it without changing the pickup and the body. adjusting or swapping other parts is fine ie/nut, trem etc and it does have to do with the wood a lot. the more dense and heavy or hollow the wood, the more vibration feedback given by the body and the neck. have you ever wondered why mahogany lasts longer than poplar or basswood?... only way to get a descent sustain with poplar or basswood is to make the guitar neck-thru. but mustang is bolt-on, so poplar's sustain is 3/4 of the usual sustain, and bolt-on cuts down half of that. sad.
  7. I've tried everything from reconfiguring to adding more mass to the body to increase the vibe for the sustain to last, but none of them did not work. I gave up and just started using sustainer + compressor instead, because I really can't figure out how to increase the sustain naturally. the most simplistic way to do it is changing the wood to mahogany or any dense wood, or getting the high sensitive Tom Anderson single coil, but I don't want to alter my mustang's originality. so anyone know how to do it?
  8. same here. I play video games occasionally when I'm off from work or studies, but I don't want to waste my money on games. so I download them .. nice. I think I'm going down that path too
  9. great tone with the humbucker on. I can't wait to see the comp stripe finish and mustang control plate if you're going to
  10. like I said earlier, it is called LPB because the dark blue in Japan is translated as LPB, so it should've been labeled as LPB for the reissue with nonmatching headstock. Fender Japan corrected the American-Japanese LPB confusion with the '73 Competition reissue; the LPB comp mustang is the LPB in American standards instead of the Japanese dark blue.
  11. you have a lot of guitars for your age. I only had a fender usa '92 strat-ultra since I was 13 and got a second guitar, which was a Schecter C-1 E/A, when I became 18 since I became good enough to judge what makes a good guitar. right now I have my '92 strat, schecter, and a '78 mustang. I have vids of them on youtube. my youtube username is alsgh422 I personally think that one guitar is enough for a beginner...but what the hell. if you have money, go for it
  12. The japanese LPB is not actually LPB; it's dark blue. they call it lake placid blue, because the deep blue is called LPB in japan since it resembles to LPB for them. so Japanese LPB and the USA LPB is different. doesn't mean that fender japan made a mistake.
  13. 3 easy steps to make the black strat. 1) buy a MIM or American maple neck, black body strat. 2) change the pickguard to black. 3) gently beat the #### out of it and scoop out some of the fretboard. done. even if you get a Gilmour strat, if you don't play and feel like him, you will never get his tone. I bet Gilmour would have the same signiture tone even if he plays a les paul.
  14. thanks. harmonics is pretty easy to do... you just slightly touch the string with the side of your thumb. I cut down the tone alot, so even though I used harmonics many times in that video, it's hard to hear
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