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  1. hey T.J.- what town you from in southern NH? I think I live right near you
  2. jb jr. is technically a strat pickup. but all I did was put some foam under the pickup and used the original Jag pup screws to lock it down. I guess if you're really opposed to humbuckers (even SC sized) than maybe it's not for you, but it gets some real nice SC sounds playing around with the switches.
  3. for what it's worth I just put in a SD jb. jr in the bridge position of my CIJ jag and it sounds really nice. Especially if you want something warmer and more versatile but still want to retain that fender-ish tone.
  4. update- got it wired up as suggested above. sounds really good. I still sounds very jaguar-esque to me but with more nuts (?) well worth it for anyone considering a Jb jr.
  5. so that is the only way I can get a full humbucker sound out of it? or can I still run it through the bridge treble/ parallel/ whatever they're called switches? I've read a couple things on here saying the pickup had that "quack" sound like a strat with its selector in an in between position when people ran it through the switches apologies for the amount of questions, just want to find out what I can while the jag is all apart
  6. so after I twist the wires together I solder them and then tape it up? sorry for my rudimentary skills. I just don't want to pay some clown a bunch of money to do something I can figure out with a little help
  7. Just bought a SD JB Jr. for my Jaguar and have it wired up like so: red & white wire from JB going to jag yellow wire black and green wire from JB going to jag black wire. does this seem right? I only know how to play the thing and don't know how to wire it. also, am I supposed to tear out the old wires and actually resolder everything or can i just splice and connect them?
  8. thanks for identifying this guitar. I saw conor last thanksgiving on tour and had never seen one before.
  9. or the guitarists from Dillinger Escape Plan... they could blow away anyone as far as technical skills on either of those lists
  10. no "greatest guitar player" list should exist without including Thurston Moore or Lee Renaldo.
  11. Those Fernandes strats from the 80's and early 90's were indeed awesome. one of my friends way back when had a pink one that was all beat up but it sounded so awesome and was set up perfectly. I was jealous, especially since all I had at the time was a jewel blue Ibanez jewel blue...now that's 80's.
  12. What kind of pickup is that in the middle? It looks like they modified a jag pickup cover to go around it my main thing with putting a potted hotter pickup in the jag bridge position is retaining the look. I want more balls along with the jaguar tone, and need to ditch the microphonic feedback. I think the jags sound great with some distortion outside of this... side effect.
  13. Trisk-how much for the bridge? or as a pair? are they the "originals"as Mike was talking about or newer? ps thanks for the info Mike
  14. Mad-Mike- I think I saw you say that you bought your Jag w/ cool rails already in it. But do you know if it's the regular SD Cool Rails for Strat dropped in the jag? What do you have to do to get it to sit correctly under the strings? I'm thinking of dropping one of these in the bridge position on my '98 CIJ Jag.
  15. I'm very tempted right now to get an sg standard. they're just nice looking guitars with the binding, blocks, and the ol' heritage cherry
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