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  1. I've read about that grounding trick once but completely forgot it. Thanks for reminding me about it So you just go from solder on a pot -> between body and the control plate -> between body and bridge plate ? Thanks again Edit: Tried it with a string under the bridge en controlplate but didn't solve the problem... Checked every connection...driving me crazy. If I can't find it I'm gonna order new switches and pots and rewire the whole thing...(in hope that 'll help)
  2. Drilled the holes bigger without a problem... (Only have a grounding issue now but that's another topic) Thanks for the advice(s) Robert
  3. I have all sizes of iron bits and some weird mod-skills so I'm gonna try it with those : ) Let you know how it went next week (just reminded I borowed my drill to someone) Already thanks for the advice : )
  4. Well, actually they don't fit (tried 5 different spare ones I had laying around) Do I just make 'm bigger with a proper drill ?
  5. Does the shaft of the mini Alpha pots fit the mustang bridgeplate ? (the CTS ones don't and the large Alpha pots also don't fit...) In short, which ones to buy to fit without making the holes in the plate larger ? Thanks
  6. the pickguard is a bit off at the controlplate but further it looks like a good one to modify (paintjob, other guard etc...) if the neck is any good that is...
  7. Hang in there man, one time you'll get it all together and find the vibe again...
  8. Love the color and the matching headstock Great looking Mustang HNB : )
  9. I solved this problem but can't remember how I think it was a bad connection somewhere so rewired the whole thing Also wired the ground to the side of the switch, If I remember correctly Hope you can solve your problem
  10. Nice competition you've got there... Thanks for the soundclips too : )
  11. Love the totality of the mismatch. Looks excellent and bet it plays samewise
  12. Can't help you out. But since there's no other reply... I've been looking for almost the same diagram as yours but then for the second switch: bypass (with volume control)/normal /####ed wah (I really like to get that ####ed wah as on my esquire) P.S.: is your diagram above ok now ?
  13. Double sorry again, triple post (really it ain't me, it's my computer going beserk)
  14. Well, I like it. if we should ever meet, I'd buy you a bottle of nice wine and leave you with it and i'd be playing your Stang at the parking with some candle light behind your back You'd be talking 'bout the color...I'd be touchin' her strings Don't worry, she's really pretty...
  15. I might try a change of the volume pot to 500 but not more 'cause I'm pretty close to the exact sound I seek. 1meg will be too much for me but I bet it can please you P.S.: what kinda pot should I take to fit them Japanese Stang knobs. Will both fit: the "lin" (linear) an the other "log" (logarithmic) ?
  16. Thanks Alex, I kinda like the Dragonfire Hotrails in there for looks (kinda more odd looking). Soundwise there equal but the Dragonfire is a little more agressive/sharper sounding (not in a annoying way though). I like them both but the JBjr is in it now for a few days and then I'm gonna change it back to the rails in the weekend. But first I'm gonna check the sound with a 0.22 Orange drop instead of the 0.47 that's in it now. It has plenty of growl but I seek a lil' more gnarl
  17. Looks much better with the mint guard. A Jag is on my want-list for a while but it ain't on my wife's 'happy-list'
  18. Love the white PU's and knobs with the white guard. Great looking and excellent sounding Jazz you've got there.
  19. Ok, she's done : ) Love the color (but maybe going for a mint or parchement pickguard) She has some flaws and stuff but hey,...it was my first time. On the other hand, she plays like a dream and looks like I hoped she would... Have some quick pics, some with the hotrail and some with a JBjr (had a bad connection on one of the switches so switched 'm up while she was open..) Thanks again to everyone for the good help and advices : )
  20. Condolences too man, must be hard times... (remember the good times you've spend together and hang in there) Don't rush the project and take your time when ready...
  21. Support to you concerning your family issues (don't know how to say it otherwise in English)
  22. Did a layer of grainfiller, followed by some sanding with 320...(no pics) Now it has 3 layers of primer. (had a little runner after the second layer so sanded the hole body with 400grit before spraying the third layer Gonna add 2 or 3 more layers of primer and then the Sonic Blue is going on... Or another color: I'm recently thinking of something greenish (will go well with the red tort)
  23. That explaines a lot. I know the USA body size specs are different but didn't knew the contours where a little different too... Thanks for that information Smallclone
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