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  1. After almost being a month at customs my Alder Mustang body (from TK custom etc.) finally arrived... The forearm contour is slightly softer and wider then my 69RI but feels great. And is kinda lightweight (1,5kg = 3,3 pound) WD pickguard seems to fit so the next thing is to find some time to put some grainfiller on it (although it's already very smooth)
  2. I'd leave the looks (colors) as they are. Very nice looking Stang Maybe you should check out Lace Sensor pickups. Since you already have a Strat (single coiled) you try a single sized humbucker to put in the bridge position like for example a Seymour Duncan JB jr or something in that direction.
  3. Very nice. Did you get the body from Warmoth? Is was looking for one over there but it didn't seem to have the contours. Or did you sanded those yourself? Can't wait to see the end-result...
  4. Looks very nice with the worn red and matching headstock. Great looking Mustang
  5. ^as you say. And it shouldn't had a humbucker but Seymour Duncan hotrails in it as Cobain's did and a little aging and more greenish-er...that's all I'd ask for. (Really wanting that Sonic one as I already have a modded "yellowish" '69)
  6. Another thing is the neck PU. Will it be another then the stock one? (due to the big difference in output between a SD JB and the stock)
  7. http://pickguards.us/ but I think you'll have to send them a pencil-tracing of your original pickguard since, they haven't got the Jag-stang in their list.µ Greets
  8. edited Got those white knobs and put them on the stang. Don't know yet if there gonna stay on it but here's a pic for those interested: Thanks to all
  9. As the topic says: does anybody knows where to find Mustang knobs (vol + tone) in white ? Or another option: do Strat knobs fit on a Mustang? Thanks to all
  10. 69RI 'cause of the body contours... It makes hugging her so much easier
  11. ^ Good explanation. Gonna keep the stock one too in that case. Thanks
  12. If you get the right Tune-O-Matic, does the neck still needs to be shimmed ? (got a little confused about the tutorial text from here)
  13. It's just a '69 RI so nothing vintage about it. Thanks every more advice would be sweet (or sa-weeet)
  14. Well, I'm about to refinish my Mustang. Only 1 dilemma left: Should I go for nitrocellulose or a poly finish? (I know nitro is a little softer and less shiny then the poly but that's it) I don't know how it'll go with the basswood and the looks of the mustang in general... Any experiences/tips? Thanks to all
  15. ^ according to the text below, and many people on this site that gave me very good information, you should get an F-spaced or trembucker for your Fender http://www.jag-stang.com/faq/general/what-is-an-f-spaced-pickup/
  16. @HNB: I think that 'll look great with the black/white/black guard on it and white pickups. Mind to get the TB-4 JB instead of the common sh-4 due to the spacing of the poles. I made that mistake and had to buy another one
  17. I had this same problem with a hotrail kinda pick-up (Dragonfire) in my mustang bridge.. Still don't know how to wire it correctly. BUT with a regular JB humbucker I wired it like this (and still works fine): - red and white soldered together and taped of - green were white was - black were black was - bare wire to the cup where the bridge goes in Hope that can help you out a bit... Here's a good link I found with other wiring possibilities for Mustangs http://atorih.iobb.net/~dgb/mg_mod_e.htm
  18. Finally put the JB in it... Had a lot of work with it but it sounds excellent. Now the only modification that remains is the color issue... Or I'm gonna repaint the body or gonna replace the pickguard (maybe white/black/white or mint)... Anybody has some idea's ?
  19. Darn..., I was thinking the same last night... So have to order the pickguard one too and pay double shipping. (Pics when finished...gonna take a while...) Thanks again
  20. Hi, I just ordered that humbucker template. (friend of mine owns a company that makes stairs so he can route it for me) But how does the pickguard gets cut? Does it also gets routed? Or are other tools used?
  21. ^ Is it a pre-cut pickguard from a pencil trace or is it done by yourself (and if so, with wich tools) I just ordered a humbucker routing template (need it for the body anyway) Thanks
  22. Still on the search for a hot neck pickup in white for my Mustang and found this Argentinian pickup constructor. http://www.dspickups.com.ar/serie_strathumcancelling_spanish.htm Never heard of 'm and can't seem to find any reviews of 'm. Has anybody heard (of) them? Thanks P.S.: I have nothing to do with this company so surely no spam
  23. If it might help: I once penciltraced the guard on my '69RI and send it to Chandlers (from Pickguard Heaven)... He replied that it matches with his his pattern # 10962 and already ordered a few and they always fitted like a glove... P.S.: I have no other connections with Chandler but I just want to help you out
  24. What does a 500k pot do to the sound that the 250k doesn't... Does it make it brighter or fuller or...?
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