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  1. ^ Well, I think they always fly it in but with that vulcano dust in the atmosphere I guess I'll have to wait a while longer but no probs
  2. They all look very nice Made some modifications on mine too: - locked the bridge and turned it around - put in a Hot Rail in the bridge Waiting for another scratchplate I ordered to try her with a Seymour Duncan JB (full size) but since I'm living in Europe I have to wait untill the vulcano calms down
  3. Hi, After good advices on this forum I decided to install a Hot Rail in the bridge of my Mustang. And it sounds as I wanted it to sound, so I'm very pleased but I have one problem. Wired it as follows: red and white soldered and taped. black were black was green were white was and the ground wire grounded to the bridge Everything seems fine but I don't get any sound when the bridge switch is put to the left/front (out of phase position)... If I change the green and black wires, the right/back position (in phase position) doesn't work and only the one mentionned above seems to work. SO it ain't the switch itself... There doesn't seem to be any loose wire anywhere... Does anybody have a clue what to do or try 'cause I can't seem to find it. Thanks to everyone for any advice P.S.: sorry for the long explanation but I'm not English and couldn't explane it otherwise
  4. Thanks I actually meant on a mustang... I've seen lot's of nice red pickguards here but it's sometimes hard to tell if it's a pearl or a tortoise...
  5. Anybody has a good picture of a red pearl pickguard? Have a to buy another one to cut up for a humbucker for my aged white '69 RI and have a dilemma between the red pearl or a red tortoise one. Thanks
  6. I ordered mine for my '69 RI from Chandler pickguards (Pickguard Heaven) but they asked me to pencil trace the original and send it to them so they have the right pattern. Very pleased with Chandler's work P.S.: the pattern for a 69 RI was #10962, so for a 65 RI I guess it should be pattern #1096 since it the only other reissue pattern # left (http://pickguards.us/pricemustang.html)
  7. Ok, I'm at the point of putting a humbucker (SD JB SH-4) in my Mustang. Any tips ? Does the hole needs to be repainted with shielding paint? Thanks
  8. Thanks for that pic kcmustang. Greets
  9. edited: misinterpreted the question, so sorry
  10. The '69 RI certainly doesn't have a humbucker routing...
  11. I like to see that pic of the exact humbucker placing 'cause I'm planning that mod on mline to due to the lack of hottness of the originals... Thanks
  12. Nice. Just received the red guard (from Chandler) so here's a pics. Next change is some high output pick-ups...
  13. BanditGuitarist1 , thanks for your comments and welcome on the previous page
  14. First the non-Fender family: - Kay (end '50s early '60s) - Jedson or Tel(e)star ? from the mid '60s - Eastwood Airline '59 Custom reissue And: - Squier Classic Vibe 50's Telecaster (w/ Hotrails in the bridge) - Fender Mustang '69 RI
  15. I'd go for mint/surf green... What color is the pickguard btw? And can you post some pics of it? Greets
  16. Well, the beautiful red tort from wd didn't fit ... (can be I ordered the wrong one though ) So now I ordered one from Chandler
  17. She sure is a gorgeous. Is that a red pearl or a red tortoise pickguard?
  18. edited: Didn't want to wait so ordered one from WD Music and see how it goes from there... Here's how she will look...(did some transparising/pasting) Real pics will certainly follow (if it 'll kinda fit)
  19. Oh, I forgot to ask (asked it on somewhere but can 't seem to find it): Sorry for asking another question but where do I order a red tortoise guard that will fit my '69 RI without redrilling wholes? (edit: just saw the advice for WD Music above...so that 'll fit my '69 RI I guess??)
  20. Thanks for that info Mustang-Mike. think I'm gonna order a regular red tort one from soe website And see how it goes from there. Thanks to everyone (will be back w/ some pics if something is changed)
  21. Thanks for that advice Pete. So, beside the routing under the guard (will be no problem) a Jag-stang pickguard should fit (the screwholes) a '69 RI Mustang? Greets
  22. Well, I 've got buyers for the 2 of 'm already but have to decide wich I'll keep and wich to sell 'cause I like 'm both. The red one has the bodystripe and all but I like the black one too. Luxury but hard decision.
  23. Have to sell one of these (to compensate the purchase of my mustang)... Ain't easy to choose 'cause I like the look of both of 'm... Greets to all
  24. Thanks. It's not that yellow so it's ok. I like this pickguard color more with blue but the red looks kinda hot with this 'vintage white' So 2 little questions: 1. But where to find a red swirl/tortoise pickguard for it that fit's ??? 2. And does the white pickup cover fits over a JB jr. (if not I'm gonna put in a full size humbucker)??? P.S.: She's a real good player and was in a stand in the livingroom and I watched her more then the TV...she's so sexy under candlelight I coudn't stop watching her (wife was asleep so I could get away with it ) P.P.S.: English ain't my first language so sorry for some mistakes/misinterpretations
  25. Got her... So thanks to everybody's advice on here. Except for the chipped off paint on the back she's in perfect condition. Restrung her with 10-49's but have only played here yet for little time but like the sound/feel already. Great sounding neck pickup (might change out the bridge after a while...dunno yet) Necksize/fretwork are excellent. Thought the fretboard would be lightcolored for my likings but it's dark enough for me. Also love the look of that big headstock. I don't know yet if I keep the color (is kinda too yellow for my taste) or repaint it in white or blue-ish. Anyway the brown tort pickguard is gonna go for a red one anyway. Then I'll see how the bodycolors comes out with it. What is to be the best place to buy a matching red (tortoise, swirl or normal??) pickguard ??? Here are some pics (sorry for the pump in the first pic, couldn't remove it ): Oh, serialnr. is R029580 so I suppose it's build in 2002 ? Greets and thanks again. Made the right choice thanks to you guys(/girls)
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