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  1. Excellent work as always. Fifteen and a half thumbs up! I even dropped your name at geargoggle.net x 15.5
  2. I think that Mad-Mike summed it up quite well. And as for the Zoot SGs, I want one. I like ugly guitars and they don't come much uglier than those. I actually like the red/black one. But yeah, the rainbow one... Candy Man. Haha.
  3. Good points. I agree with you. I didn't mean for my post to come across as a Gibson-is-#### bash. They're obviously not since they're one of the biggest brands going. Maybe I just don't like them because I can't afford one. I just think that people will generally consider their Gibson to be superior because they paid an arm and a leg for it. Of course there are exceptions but if I spent that much on a guitar, it had better be the greatest one in the world. There is definitely a level of snobbery that goes on, especially between Fender and Gibson players. It's actually really stupid. I'm
  4. Probably not. Irving Oil is only a stone's throw from my town and gas prices are higher here than at an Irving station downstate. Figure that one out...
  5. Yeah, the lumber thing is kind of funny. Wasn't Gibson a big proponent of using renewable resources and not purchasing wood that was endangered and whatnot? Maybe that's the reason for the exorbitant prices. You're paying for illegal wood, possibly culled from th black market. Some dude in a trench coat standing outside of Gibson, offering to hook them up with some great ebony and rosewood as he pulls two ounce samples from the inside pocket of his jacket and the CEOs get hooked on the stuff and start selling their bodies to local drunks just to afford some grainy rosewood from the far reach
  6. I have only played a handful of Gibsons and they were nothing to write home about. I wouldn't pay $6,000.00 for a guitar that was licked by Kiefer Sutherland, let alone some piece of crap that came stright off the line from the Gibson factory. Epiphones are great instruments but there again, they're considered inferior, sometimes only because they are affordable. I think that you've hit the nail on the head there. Back in the day, when they were handbuilt works of art, they were probably quite deserving of the pricetag. To me, though, they play just like any other guitar that comes off th
  7. -Plywood is absolutely not a weak product. I don't really know where anyone would come up with that misconception but I hear that all the time. It's almost as good as the softwood-isn't-strong argument. -Even if Les Pauls were neck-through, it wouldn't matter that much. I have neck-through Ibanez that I'm selling for only $300.00 so... This is already a weird thread. If you're a Gibson player, you want the guitars to be expensive. (Subconsciously or not.) Gibson has a reputation for making well-crafted instruments and that reputation is reflected in the price tag of a new (or used) Gibso
  8. I don't actually know. I was lurking there earlier, checking out some of my old posts in the Introductions and I saw that there had been an... incident. http://www.offsetguitars.com/forums/vie ... 17&t=31471 I owe him, though. He plugged my name as the moderator of a Schecter forum (right in the midst of the tension, when threads about me were getting locked). Unfortunately, that was before I became mod at a Fender forum, too. I'm sure that I could have gotten some OSGers to check the place out.
  9. Don't post those at OSG. You're apparently on thin ice as it is. Posting those will get you banned. In other news, my Schecter arrived today and it's so kickass that I think my Jaguar will find its way to the auction block.
  10. Pfft. Metal sucks. So do metal guitars and Line6 amps. And my non-metal Schecter is scheduled to arrive tomorrow... Tapping was never really my cup of tea but I'm impressed with this guy. Pretty good results for tapping on nylon strings. If only he had a bunch of ugly EVH stripes all over that acoustic.
  11. Yeah, that's pretty good, too. For some reason, it doesn't blow my mind like the first video. Definitely impressive, though. I'm sure Paul would approve.
  12. This guy just made me realize how much my version of The Simpsons theme really sucks. (I'd love to see this tabbed out.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVUIztIw0kw
  13. I actually nabbed it off the 'Bay for a very reasonable price (it being a factory 2nd brought the cost down considerably). I'm anxious to hear how the pickups sound. They're the Duncan Designed HB-105 active humbuckers and I've heard pretty good things about them. (I don't buy into that stigma that stock pickups need to be replaced as soon as you get the guitar. Sometimes they do, sometimestimes they don't.) This is all mahogany, too. It's a set neck but it has the "Ultra Access" heel which is pretty neat. I've been trying out a friend's Ibanez RGT42DX to try to get used to the 25.5" scale an
  14. She's a Schecter C-1 She Devil. I'm ridiculously excited. Photos coming soon.
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