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  1. the sounds it can get vary lots because of the switches for series parralell etc but it's mostly very heavy sounding. with all three humbuckers on it sounds really thin and tinny tho, definately not a regular jag sounding jag.
  2. i started playing guitar cos i was writing songs and needed music to play to them. i was inspired mostly by kurt to do this cos i understood his music a lot more then all the ©rap music my friends were listening to and trying to mimic...although sum rap music is cool, imo living in a suburban village and dressing / talking like a gangster jus seems daft, that plus i wanted to impress girls. i got my jag bout a year or two after i started playin cos i didn't wanna be a total kurt clone with a mustang and long blonde hair....although kurt does play a jag as well so that plan was a fail.
  3. thanx , i 'll post a vid wen i get round to wiring it.
  4. they're teh kurtz they don't need a firing squad they'll probably do it themselves to get more of teh kurtz.......i realise that is in bad taste but couldn't resist.
  5. the bridge/tailpiece is a schaller fine tuner. i was gonna use a wrap around at first then i saw this bridge and thought it looked to awesome to not get also only having to drill two holes seemed like a lot less work then fitting seperate bits. i'm not entirely sure wot output the amp is i think it's somthing like 1 watt not very powerfull and very distorted sounding but it's more of a novelty value mod then anything, one good thing tho is it has like a fuzz box sound wen it's used as a preamp effect.
  6. cheers dude, the bigsby was one of the first thing i changed and pretty much the catalyst for my modding obsession,
  7. the neck is a bound strat neck it doesn't fit properly in the neck pocket cos the shape of the heel but i'm just using it till i can afford a new one, i think i may get an aluminium neck to keep with the colour scheme. and the bridge is probably my favourite bit as it has fine tuners
  8. a while ago i decided to give my tele a bit of a facelift which ended up being me replacing almost everything on it, i wanted it to be all chrome and black and as it's gerrin near summer i decided to build a smokey amp into it so i can sit on the garden and play. i bought the parts a while ago but only recently decided to put it all together all thats left now is the wiring which is a simple task. i realise the humbucker looks wonky but thats cos it's not screwed into place...and looks like sum of my cats hair was on it wen i took the pic anywayz hope ya'll like.
  9. i resprayed with a volkswagen colour i think but it kinda looked like a metalic sherwood green, glad you like it tho heres a better quality pic i've still gorra wire the rhythm section but i'll get round to that soon enuff.
  10. had taken my guitar to my local guitar tech to have it modded for coil splitting a while back only to have it messed up beyond recognition, cos of this i decided to rewire it my self, this being the result. the neck and bridge have seymour duncan triple shot mounting rings for coil splitting /series/ parallel, the middle pickup is one of the stock pickups (for now) and i added a kill switch on the rhythm section next to the lead/ rhythm swich other than that it's wired basically the same as before with obvious cosmetic changes like comp stripes and new control plates to hold the extra switche
  11. when i put a bigsby on my jag i bought the one with the fender F on it, it came with a tele plate (although that part is for the single coil so won't be much use to urself) but it also has a bridge with it. i've never used the bridge as i decided to keep the tom that was already on so i dunno wot it's like but it looks like a tele stlye bridge in a more familiar bridge shape designed to rock slightly for use with the vibrato. http://www.guitar-parts.com/products/1454/Bigsby-Kit-for-Tele.htm if you shop around you can prolly get one cheaper this was jus the first one i found. best of look w
  12. oh right...... i dunno then. i've seen the red burst and sunburst b4 but never the gold/green, it is a top guitar and must be super rare prolly worth holding on to.
  13. ye man i saw the thread you posted about the esquire project am looking forward to seeing it all put together, and you should definately keep the squire decal in place whith so many artists having squire signature guitars and the ever growing respect for squires, people who aint loaded and can't afford to buy a fender or gibson guitar can buy a squire and not have to worry bout the stigma attached to the brand. i'm fixing my squire tele up at the mo but because of a new neck it aint gonna say squire anymore, tho i'm gonna do my own lil signature design instead....it's nearly finished actually
  14. i'd guess it's been refinished cos the HH usually says special on the headstock but i can't say for sure. if it has been refinished tho whoever did it has made a really nice job of it.
  15. theres a guy i found through google that makes quality decals but specifically states on his website not to post links on forums, sorry i can't help more but if ya search fender decals it should be easy to find. the reason they make them is for people doing restorations i.e using official fender parts and respraying or varnishing. i used them when i refished my jag hh and if they wasn't available my headstock would've had to have stayed black. that being said i do agree with what ya saying if a guitar isn't built by fender it shouldn't really say it on the headstock, i plan on building a ja
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