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  1. Yes, still 7.25 radius board. I've seen them go for typically, around 6-800 used, some a little less, some a little more. With the hardshell case you're probably looking more around 800.
  2. It's a 2004 reissue. Specifically the '69 reissue. The mustang was discontinued around 81 and Fender Japan didn't start until 1982. The big giveaway is the 'crafted in Japan which didn't become standard marking until after 97, though some earlier models occasionally had it.
  3. They're good pickups, I got them brand new for like 115 awhile back and they retail for around 200-220 so it was a hell of a steal.
  4. Yep they are, they're the Mick Thomson signature Blackouts. They sound good, these ones tighten up the bottom end a bit so they aren't super boomy and flabby at lower tunings.
  5. Finally got my hands on one of these dirty girls
  6. I saw an H3 on sale on ebay recently as well, so they're out there, but they're generally Fender exclusive.
  7. Kurt had a JB put into his, but it came with an h3, there's an article on the site about it. Here is the link http://www.jag-stang.com/faq/general/info-on-the-dimarzio-h3-or-h8/
  8. Here's a bunch of different patterns from WD music http://www.wdmusic.com/pickguard_kcmg_13.html
  9. I believe it, my jagstang's board is like that, though it's got more of a root beer brown color as it's rosewood, looks good.
  10. Could easily be NOS tuners. A lot of people who bought guitars in the late 90s still had W Germany Schallers come standard on new guitars, so it's not entirely far fetched.
  11. It doesn't really darken it per say, just hydrates it. Just like when it rains, the pavement looks dark until it drys out.
  12. Sounds about right for them. when I ordered my mustang years ago, I ordered it on a tuesday and it was here by the weekend.
  13. You're pretty safe. Japanese Fenders tend to be solid going all the way back to the first ones from the 80s.
  14. Not impossible, just requires a lot of patience. That's how I found mine a few years ago....that and the custom shop wouldn't really do it anyway sadly.
  15. Mine has plenty of sustain going straight through with the plate bolted all the way down with the steeper break angle over the TOM, just how i like my guitars set up that are that sort of style (obviously teles and strats don't work that way).
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