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  1. I like Jaguar electrics. I don't have one but, I could see me having one. I had a chance to get one a while back and mistakenly let it pass.
  2. I still have the one to my 78 but, I keep it off. I also keep it in the original hardcase I got it with it in 1978. Do the Japanese ones come with the bridge cover also? The reason I ask is because in the store when I seen new ones (It has been years now!) it did not have the bridge cover on it.
  3. Mad Mike I did not know that Mustangs were popular in Japan. I suppose it might have to do with Char, one of the great Japanese guitar artists. I've seen him play with a Mustang on his song "Smoky". This guy is a pretty awesome player. The Japanese have some great musicians in all genres of music it appears.
  4. In the late 70s CBS Musical was using ash on electrics back then. Ash can be both lighter or heavier wood. From my recollection the late 70s Fenders were all heavier bodied guitars. I worked at Fender back then, so I was exposed to the product. I've handled many late 70s guitars. I only have two of that era myself and both are ash. My other one is a 78 brown P Bass with a maple neck.
  5. This one I got before the Marshall DSL5C. I was looking for one of these since 2004 but, they had stopped making them. This one is in great shape.
  6. My 78 has an Ash Body. I will take photos if I get any response on here and post it. This way you can see the way they were from the era I got mine. CBS was using ash on many of their guitars then. Good rosewood was still around and available back then also. The Japanese reissues are cool as well but, I don't know what the bodies are made of.. I read on one of the threads on here someone posted they were basswood bodies. That could be but, I don't know for sure. I do know mine is ash and, I love the way an ash bodied Fender sounds.
  7. It is a reissue Japanese copy of the ones which came out in the late 60s with racing stripes.
  8. I have a black 78 I purchased straight from the factory in Fullerton.
  9. Here is a picture of my 1978 Fender Mustang. I got this brand new from the factory with the hard case. I still have the cover the the bridge as well. It is my first proper electric guitar. I got it when I was 21 years of age. I have many other electrics. Les Pauls, Strats, Teles, and others. I'm getting a noise and it is cutting out. I need to spray some contact cleaner when I get a chance. Mustangs are very cool guitars.
  10. You might want to check out the Graph Tech brand to replace your bridge saddles. They are suppose to be easier on string breakage, if that's an issue with you. If you got the pressed type saddles now, you might also want to consider the stainless steel ones that come on the American Deluxe Strats. I personally like them both. Although some traditional people like the original pressed saddles better, I don't mind the stainless ones that are different yet very effective. I've never tried the graph tech myself but a professional guitarist told me they worked great for him.
  11. Nice guitars! I like the Squier Esquire. Do you like your Jag Stang more than a regular Mustang? I've never seen those at Guitar Center. We're kind of hurtin' for music stores over close to where I live.
  12. Here's is my 1978 Fender Silverface Vibro Champ I rescued from GC's used gear back in June of 1995. I put a Jensen ALNICO magnet 4 ohm speaker in it. I also put JJ Electronics driver and output tubes in it. It still has the original 5y3 rectifier tube and it is working just dandy still! I hope you enjoy these photos:
  13. It's a very light touch thing on my Mustang. I'm use to it after 32 years. If I ever get another Mustang (Japan reissue?), I would run 9s or heavier on it. I have smaller hands but I'll play just about any guitar. If it has strings I like to attempt to strum and pick on it. The only time I have played a guitar that feels a little strange is old hard V necked Fenders. It's been years since I tried those and these days I enjoy playing soft V neck guitars, Both of my Strats have soft Vs.
  14. It's just my old beat up 1978 Black Mustang. I had to wait a month before they made a batch like mine. I got to hand pick it out from several at the factory. I'm glad you like it. It is made of ash, so it is much heavier than the early 60s models. I've held some of those in my hands before and they vary in weight greatly. I find some much lighter than others. Cheers! My 65 Mustang is quite heavy which makes me suspect ash. Its had a refin by the previous owner and i dont think he knew exactly what year the body is. Does your Mustang have a flat back or does it have a contour on it? I've held flat back ones from mid 60s that were both light and heavier, but mostly ligher. These days you don't see many Mustangs except for the Japanese reissues and those tend to be heavier. I'm glad that there is such interest in these guitars. They are, as you know great playing and sounding guitars. Like the lunatic that I am mine is set up with 8s. On all my other guitars I run 9s and 10s. With 9s, yes it sounds thinner but it smokes when you play it. It's probably a bit to light gauge for many but I'm use to it after 32 years. I love the sound of the rosewood neck on it. All my Strats are maple, someday I'll get a rosewood one.
  15. Here's some of my guitars: Kay SG MIM 50s Strat American Stratocaster Deluxe 1998 Gibson Les Paul Special SL My Mustang is on the Mustang picture link
  16. I was mistaken about the reissue, they had not stopped making them until about 82. So my 78 is actually along the same line as the originals except it has the body contour as well as an ash body. I got to come on this site more often. I bet I'm the only dinosaur here! I like the Japanese Mustangs I've tried out in stores.
  17. It's just my old beat up 1978 Black Mustang. I had to wait a month before they made a batch like mine. I got to hand pick it out from several at the factory. I'm glad you like it. It is made of ash, so it is much heavier than the early 60s models. I've held some of those in my hands before and they vary in weight greatly. I find some much lighter than others. Cheers!
  18. I'm sure you already know what I'm going to ask... What the heck happened to it? I originally purchased it at the Fullerton factory in 1978. I've used the heck out of it. Yes, those are real wear marks, unlike the phony road worn stuff they've been putting out at Fender lately. Gibson also does a worn thing also. I was around 20 when I got my Mustang and now I'm 54. I wonder how old Kurt Cobain was back in 1978? I have ten guitars now. Stuff like 2 Strats, 2 Teles, one Gibson Les Paul Special SL 1998 I purchased new and it's still pretty mint as I type this. I have other guitars as well and mostly small tube amps, ranging in watts from 5 to 15. One solid state Sunn alpha 112r they don't make Sunn no more! I play my instruments but I baby them alot more these days! My Washburn D10N acoustic with the bone saddle I installed myself is probably the guitar I abuse the most these days, and I still try to baby it. When I was younger I was careless, these days I look before leaping! If you have any other questions. please feel free to ask.
  19. Mustangs are bitchen' just as is however if folks want to mod and hot rod them out, rignt on and so be it! Personally to me a Strat is a thing of one certain kind of feel and beauty and great sounding. The Mustang has a great beautiful sound, feel and style of it's own just as is as well. After having played a Mustang for over 20 years, over ten years ago I started playing a Strat and a Les Paul Special SL. I fee that the Strat and the LP both have a distinctive different sound from the Mighty Mustang. A Strat to me has a bigger sound, I believe it to be not just the 3 pickups but also more wood on a Strat. I'm amazed that the Mustang has become as popular as it is today. I feel a guy named Cobain had something to do with it's popularity, and right on to that!
  20. Beautiful guitar, I have black 1978 rosewood fingerboard one that I purchased straight from the factory when I worked there, back in the late 70s. Your Mustang is the first I've ever seen with a full maple neck. You are lucky! I was on this forum years back but I'm now new to it once again. I'm a big Fender product all the way around fan. I'm glad CBS does not own them anymore. My Mustang is heavier than some of the 60s ones I've handled before. Personally I feel there were some good CBS products made although, I appreciate what direction they are going now, for the most part. I dig the fact they have Japanese reissue Mustangs. By the way, my 78 and your 77 were actually reissue ones also, in case you did not know is that cool or what! The originals ones came out in 65 I believe.
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