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  1. Am I seeing things, or is the one on the left longer than the one on the right? O___o
  2. I can't speak for the tuning stability on a Bigsby just for the fact that I didn't use it long enough to notice any of that. There's another member here that posted in the Jaguar thread with pics of his Jaguar with a Bigsby. I think you should PM him to find out about that since he actually uses Bigsby trems, and can speak for everything that's good or bad about them. The only thing I can say that might help is that on the trem I have on my jaguar I have to pull up on the whammy bar just a little to get it back in tune. I'll post a pic of it so you can see what whammy I have. It has the same spring that you would find on a Jag/Jazzmaster or a Bigsby, but it's a lot looser. If I push down on it then I have to pull it back so it's slightly above where it was before, and let the pressure from the strings pull it back. It's probably not exactly like a Bigsby as far as that goes, but it's the best I can do to offer advice. I'll go check that thread really quick, and edit the users name into this post. His name is HNB. Hope this is helpful.
  3. For once I actually agree with you on something. If I could sing like anyone I would sing like either Howlin Wolf, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Jim Morrison, or Nick Cave.
  4. I find bigsby trems to be too stiff for my liking, but it's really about what you like. Every bigsby that I've ever tried hasn't been very enjoyable.
  5. My point is that you shouldn't be telling people to do things that will hurt them to give their voice that sound. I don't even believe that cigarettes give everyone that raspy voice. Frank Sinatra smoked and he didn't have a raspy voice at all, Freddie Mercury smoked and his voice wasn't raspy. If the TS starts smoking then if he get's heavy enough with it then he'll open himself up to loads of problems like lung cancer, emphysema, and just impaired breathing in general. That's not the way to give yourself the sound you want.
  6. By closing your throat up like Kurt did you're going to end up #### your throat up. I used to do that where I would tighten up my throat, and I ended up not being able to sing for days afterwords. Also, I can't believe you just told someone that you want to smoke to get that raspy voice. That's the dumbest advice you could ever give to someone. I am a smoker, but I would never tell an aspiring singer to smoke to make their voice rougher.
  7. I'll just PM you so we can continue this. Try to be mature about it than you were last time.
  8. I recall telling you before that I'm actually a fan of Nirvana, and that my sig is a joke. If you don't like me for that then don't speak to me at all. I'm sure that you wouldn't constantly harass someone that you dislike IRL, so don't do it here.
  9. Wadeaminute, can you explain to me what the point of a strat jack on the back of the guitar is?
  10. I'm wondering about the mean 90 to be specific. I was wondering if anyone has tried it, and how it sounds compared to a real deal P90. According to their website the mean 90 is closer to the P90 than the dream 90 is, so I think I'm pretty much set on that one. Sorry, but I started this in the wrong forum by accident, so I decided to post it up in here so I could get some input.
  11. You're welcome. I would also recommend that you drink room temperature water when you're going to be singing. If I drink something that's too cold then my throat tightens up.
  12. Dude, don't even start this bull#### again. I'm offering advice, and telling her the way I do it to try to help. Also, how did I insult Johnny Cash? I'm seriously confused about this, because I don't recall saying one bad thing about him. I think you're just looking for a reason to start ####. EDIT: You also don't have a clue about what you're saying. "Hot air" has nothing to do with singing. Ask anyone that knows anything about singing and they will tell you basically what I told TS.
  13. All I can say at the moment is to learn how to use your diaphragm when you sing, and to try to open your throat up as much as you can for raspier stuff. These both need to work together for it to work properly. Also, don't worry about your 'talking sound'. It worked for Johnny Cash, and Lou Reed for ages.
  14. I bought one of the Vibrolas from Guitar fetish, because I decided that I wanted a trem on it. I think it was worth it.
  15. Well, it would be nice if TS at least made it readable. He doesn't need to be perfect, but he could at least try to use the language in a way that gets his point across.
  16. I've tried it before, and I can't stand the sound. I just like my mids too much. I play through a bass amp with these settings: Bass:8 Mids:10 Treble:6/7 This seems to get me a pretty good tone.
  17. I did that when I still had my glass slide. What's funny is that the glass ones are the only ones that I've ever had an issue with. Brass seems to fit perfect on me, and it's brighter sound works really well through my amp. I don't know how helpful I would actually be as far as actual technique goes since most of my slide stuff is styled after the way Blixa Bargeld plays.
  18. I would recommend going on ultimate-guitar.com, and looking up the tabs for the songs you want to learn. You should also go into the lessons section, and maybe create an account so you can ask for help in the technique forum. As for Nirvana, you can't really pick a bad song to learn from them if you're just starting out. All of the songs are pretty simple, and they're great for beginners. Same goes for White stripes in my opinion. I can't say much about Modest mouse since I don't listen to them, but as for White stripes, and Nirvana you should be able to learn easily. If you need any more help with anything, create your account and send me a PM with any questions. I have the same name on there, and I'll be glad to help.
  19. I just pick it up whenever I have some spare time, and I also have a fucked up sleep schedule, so I have quite a bit of time on my hands. I normally only sleep about 4 hours a night, so I have roughly 20 hours to fit that in.
  20. Well if you don't play much then your strings shouldn't be that dirty. You should be fine just wiping the fretboard down with strings on. I play normally 4-5 hours a day so my strings get kind of dirty, so it would kind of defeat the point as I said above.
  21. I've done that once or twice before, and I think it kind of defeats the point of cleaning your fretboard. The good thing for me is that strings normally last 3-4 months, so my string changing schedule lines up perfectly with my cleaning schedule.
  22. Yeah. I've never seen a thing of actual fretboard conditioner go for as cheap as lemon oil. Last time I got lemon oil it cost me a little more than a dollar. Also it smells good too.
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