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  1. Well you can either try playing with it on another finger, or try buying a new one in a smaller size. I don't know how the shops are around you, but most of the ones I've been to here will let you try them on before buying to make sure it fits right.

    Another thing you can do is cut a finger off of a somewhat thick glove to take up more room inside the slide for now.

    Good luck with finding something that works.

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  2. I'm voting for the Black top one just because it doesn't have a trem. I know most people would disagree with me about this, but I just think that a trem is pointless since I don't use it.

    You already said that you plan on changing the pickups so it really comes down to what you like better. If you use trems and want a more traditional looking jaguar then go for the CP, but if you're like me and you don't use trems then the one with the TOM would be better.

  3. He probably can't use english well because he is DUTCH. Man, read and think before you speak. He said that his english wasn't perfect because he is dutch. You know what language he is probably fluent in? yes, DUTCH. Dutch is spoken in the netherlands. You are probably only familiar with never neverland, this is not the same place. haha Got it smart ass?

    The man that failed to acknowledge that my signature is a joke is lecturing me about reading? Even after I told you that it was a joke?

    I am a kurt fan and i don't "worship him as a guitar god" or whatever. Don't generalize all nirvana fans please. He was a great song writer in my opinion. He robbed the pixies and scratch acid and the beatles but he did wonders for bands like the melvins and sonic youth. You wouldn't know who the vaselines were or the meat puppets. He almost wasn't allowed to do unplugged because of the song choice and the guest artists, but he did it his way and the rest is history. As far as him being "nothing special". Seriously? You really think that or you want to throw rocks because every one else is throwing rocks and you fell like a badass joining the others? You calling him nothing special is an opinion and i disagree as usual.

    Anyways, about the sounding alike thing. I was listening to the new cake cd with my wife and the same thing happens that always happens. I hear a song and go, oh wait that sounds like ______. I am usually right and it aggravates me at times because it feels like nothing is original anymore. I was thinking of starting a thread where you post a song and then someone guess's what song it sounds like. If i put come as you are you would put killing joke, 80's.I can think of about 25 songs or licks that sound very much like a different song. It seems like fun. Sometimes it takes me 2 or 3 days to remember who it was stolen from. It's fun and it keeps older stuff fresh. I don't know, it's been slow and i was thinking of something music related that would generate some traffic instead of arguing about kurt.

    I'm not generalizing all Cobain fans. A lot of the ones on here act like he's some god. You're right, he was a good songwriter.

    Just because you're butthurt over a joke doesn't mean that you have to be a prick. Just lighten up, and move on with your day. If you want to keep arguing about this bull####, then use the PM system, and we'll talk about this if you want to. I'm sure the other forum members don't want to scroll through this ####, so you can PM me with whatever you want to say.

  4. Oh dear look what we started.

    Talking about kc does'nt strictly offend people, although the same old recurring questions and innane hero tone worship gets on our nerves quite a bit. Mainly due to the fact that his sound was flippin' awful.

    Yeah that's the biggest problem I have with Cobain fans. They worship him like he was some guitar god, when he wasn't even anything special.

  5. s6aj27ex.jpg

    2004 Jagmaster w/ custom made pickguard and

    obl [original bill lawrence] L-500 pick ups.

    very nice pu's!

    I actually like this. I could imagine playing Transformer era Lou Reed stuff on it, or Ziggy Stardust stuff.

    Hi everybody!

    I am new to the forum. I live in Berlin, Germany. I play in the band "The Kilaueas!"

    I`ve noticed this thread and want to show you my (for me!) perfect Jagmaster. Maybe it will give you a new motivation to pimp your Jagmaster?

    Mine is a `96/`97 Vista Series Jagmaster.

    -New designed pickguard.

    -Jaguar control panel and black Amp poti knobs.

    -Two American Vintage Reissue Fender Jazzmaster pickups with aged covers.

    -Saddle with rollers.

    -2nd string roller

    -Better Sustain block.

    It sounds and plays unbelievable good! Very nice own twangy character.

    I try to post pics.

    I play instrumental Surf Music. Since 15 years on the search for the perfect sound and tone. I`ve got too much guitars. ...I don`t know how much, about 25 or so...

    Last month I bought two Jagstangs. I will post pics soon.

    Twang cheers!


    Ralf Kilauea










    This is very nice. Very classy. I really like the way the tort, and jazzy pups look on this.

    I'll try to take some pics of my jagmaster later on, and post them. I made some aesthetic changes, and a pickup change, so maybe you guys will like to see it.

  6. yeah i'm lookin at their strats & fer a good beater budget guitar they look nice

    They are. The only issue I have with mine is that the fretboard is quite narrow, but I have big hands. So that might not be as much of a problem for you. I would say that the strats on Rondo easily beat standard series squiers.

  7. Yeah any regular LP styled switch will work. I was reading I think on shortscale that you should have to grind down the block somehow to make it fit. I hope everything works out with your mods, and that you'll post pics after words.

    Also do you know how the pickups are from GFS, Feedback? I'm planning on getting one of the humbucker sized p90s for the neck position on my jagmaster.

  8. Okay guys I just got done looking around online, and I found out that I can build a jazzmaster for just over $400.

    I was planning on getting a neck from guitar fetish. Does anyone have any experience with the necks from them? It's only temporary, but I'll go for something else if they aren't good.

    Do all part trems have a lock on them? I only ask because I remember someone on here said that one of the companies that does replacements doesn't have one.

    Those are the only questions I have for now. Thanks in advance for the help.

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