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  1. It's one of the new black top Fender series Jazzys. I am really pleased with it. I gave a full description of it in the Black Top discussion thread in this site. After having it for nearly a month I still enjoy it everyday, and would definately buy another one if I had the money. Only thing i dont really like is the screws in the bridge keep coming loose and rattling as i play.

    I hear that that's a normal issue with jazzy bridges. On my SJM which is basically a jazzmaster copy I changed out the ####ty stock bridge for a TOM

  2. You have made me paranoid now :lol:

    The pic was taken from a weird angle, not quite straight, not quite 45o. That's probably created the illusion.

    Feels fine to play, though (but probably not any more :-D)

    How did I make you paranoid?

    I think it might be the angle that made it look like that. I hope you play the hell out of it.

  3. I taught myself, with the aid of quite a few records of course. I started with bass after hearing Cream's Disrali Gears and seeing the bass physically move my speakers. Then after being perscribed ADD meds, I got interested in the guitar. I learned that by watching TEh KuRDtZzzZ form power chords and getting lost in how the notes interact. Which invariably led me to Riffing and now I can totally out shred any of you while I rock out to A7X. You fags should listen to good music.

    You should learn to be a better troll.

  4. Squier Deluxe Strat I bought from the Bay a couple of weeks ago.

    The guitar seems to have been previously owned by a 'sweater'. A bit of corrosion on the upper 5 frets, and the intonation and action screws are rusted. One of the screws on the D string saddle is rusted solid :-( I might have to carefully apply some WD-40.

    Nice guitar, good looking, smooth neck (with a weird profile), and nice pickups, with a hotter-than-usual bridge pickup. The aged parts look nice, too. It's a subtle aged effect, one that I didn't notice until I held the knobs in my hand with the knobs from my Affinity.

    I cleaned up the fretboard, but some frets still have that 'scratchy' feeling when bending on them.

    That's a nice one. Maybe my eyes are acting weird, but it looks like the frets are slanted. I even turned my head some so it would look straight, but it still looks that way.:lol:

    I'm probably going to leave this guitar stock.


  5. no man, it can't be done. i was kidding, you know what it would sound like if someone actually did? terrible. Stevie ray actually did play the walking bass line and then the melody on the way up. I myself find this very difficult and frustrating. The way old blues players did it wasn't as hard as what stevie ray did. Just a little fact on that;

    stevie ray vaughn did this because when he was young he didn't know about multi-track recording. He knew that there was one guitarist, he didn't know that guitarist was recording himself playing lead and then rhythm. So he believed it could be done, so he did it. That to me is huge. By believing it was done made it possible to be done.

    Besides all that the dude was gifted on another level. With some talent and a lot of heart anything can be done. Also he was a great drummer as a little kid. lots of guitar players start as drummers it seems.

    I knew Stevie did #### like that. I try to play the low notes of chords, and then the high notes while bending or whatever to do a little lead part, but it's hard as hell.

    I used to play drums too before I started playing guitar. I wonder how many more people there are like that. I know EVH, Cobain, and from my understanding Ghrol all started drums before guitar.

  6. i play both simultaneously, what can i say it is a gift. I think me and stevie ray and nathan are the only ones that can do this. I play rhythm with the down strokes and i play lead harmonies with my other hand on the way up. Sometimes i play two total different songs, like stairway to heaven with down strokes and sweet home alabama with up strokes, using hybrid picking techniques obviously.

    Would you care to make a video of the stairway/sweet home hybrid? I'm interested in this now.

  7. i hope someone is listening. My friend that owns a guitar shop just called with a daphne blue fender telecaster mexican, unplayed. He wants $350.00. Does this sound like a good deal because i got 3 hours to decide. ?? We will put a hot rail in the neck for a little extra money. What do ya'll think?? Daphne Blue!

    I would get it. Here in Chicago they go for about $400 new so that's a $50 deal. Buy it and play the hell out of the thing.

  8. I agree that you should have this professionally done. Mustangs are routed for SS, and anything else will involve wood cutting.

    I would recommend one of the singlecoil sized humbuckers for the bridge if you want to do it cheap without the risk of screwing something up. You could also try to buy two of those buckers, and maybe try to wire the neck pup so it'll act as two separate pups. Then you'll only have to cut enough wood for a 5 way.

    Wait for someone else to add in on this before you try it. I've never done this before, but it's just an idea.

  9. there should be a whole kurt's guitar section then.

    he modified his guitars so there will always be questions about it.

    after 16 years its apparently still a hot item.

    its a moderators job to keep the form clean with no double post.(still no offends lol)

    1) There's a Kurt section in the mustang forum

    2) Try searching on google, or use the searchbar on here.

    3) Yeah people seem to be into Kurts tone still, but stop being lazy, and look for the damn info yourself.

    4) It is the moderators job to keep it clean, but it also helps if the people posting use common sense and use the SEARCH FUNCTION

    5) What the fvck does no offends mean?

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