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  1. I don't think you can do that. The only way I know of removing a decal would involve sanding off the existing one, and putting a new one in its place. The only problem is that it'll involve refinishing.
  2. 1) There's a Kurt section in the mustang forum 2) Try searching on google, or use the searchbar on here. 3) Yeah people seem to be into Kurts tone still, but stop being lazy, and look for the damn info yourself. 4) It is the moderators job to keep it clean, but it also helps if the people posting use common sense and use the SEARCH FUNCTION 5) What the fvck does no offends mean?
  3. Nice find. I got a Cort 5 string bass for $85 on Saturday.
  4. I would want to see a mustang with electronics similar to the Toronado, and with a bigsby.
  5. I'm sorry. I guess I worded my previous post wrong. There's about 1 1/2" of wood between the tailpiece, and bridge. You have to remember that the tailpiece itself has a few inches of distance itself.
  6. Don't worry Foxy I just gave him one so he's neutral again.
  7. Damn. I just read this without being high, and I feel like an idiot for my last post. I couldn't even detect that sarcasm. I'm such a fvcking loser.
  8. That's pretty weird. I always notice that on longer scale lengths I sound a little higher pitched than on shorter scales. I have my SJM in D standard, and my jagmaster half step down, and the SJM sounds brighter than the jag.
  9. Okay I just measured, and the distance from the back of the bridge to the tailpiece is roughly 1 1/2".
  10. I agree they should do matching headstocks. I wish they still made the ones with the natural finish, and tort. The liquid ones have different headstocks than the one I have.
  11. Yeah you are breaking rules. There's an advertising section, but I think you have to be around for a while before you can use it. So I'll report this so it can get closed.
  12. Wow I just looked, and it's not on there anymore. I would go for it once you get the money. Are you getting one of the ones with the TOM or the jazzy bridge style? I got mine in May.
  13. I just saw the tele in my guitar center catalog, and it was going for like $170ish. I'm thinking of getting it, and making it into a nashville tele with Laces.
  14. Lies.=P Tort is awesome, and it should look amazing on that jag. I actually plan on putting one on my CAR SJM. The only thing is now you made me want a mint pick guard. ####.=P
  15. No problem. I think yours is the same series as mine. It would also be cool if you get one of the duncan pups with the P-90 and singlecoil. I forgot which ones those are, but I'm sure someone else will know.
  16. I think I payed about $150 with shipping included. I'm in Chicago so I don't know how the price will be for you. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap jazzmaster alternative. It's one of the best guitars I've ever purchased.
  17. I don't know this offhand, but I'll measure my SJM when I get home and I'll post how much space there is.
  18. I'm hoping I can find one of the jazzys. I plan on buying one of the wide range humbucker copies from guitar fetish, and popping it in the bridge position. I also plan on seeing how it's routed under the pickguard so I can maybe add on some jazzmaster switches.
  19. I would take it to a shop, but the guy I used to take my guitars to moved away, and he did my stuff for free. So I'm not really looking forward to paying money for a set up. Especially with my financial situation. I think it said on Rondo that if you put a strat neck on one of these it'll fvck the intonation. This is the best headstock I could get for it. My options were between this headstock, and one that looked similar to a carrot in shape. So I went with this one. The neck on this is rather chunky, but it feels pretty good. The only problems I have with the guitar is that the high E tends to snap right by the tail piece, and that it's heavy. I solved the first problem by putting the outer layer of a wire on the high E so it doesn't come in contact with the metal. And before someone asks when I weighed it it came in at 13lbs, and on Rondo it says that they only weigh 8.5 lbs.
  20. Ibanez Gio- My 1st. It was an SG styled guitar. I had it for about a year before I snapped the headstock off. I didn't care too much because the heel of the neck was so big that I couldn't play above the 12th fret. I still plan on buying a new neck for it because the body sounded okay unplugged so I might be able to make something out of it. Epiphone Les Paul special 2- I got this about 6 months after I bought the Ibanez. The neck felt terrible, and I ended up selling it about 1 month after I bought it for $150. I actually made a decent profit from that piece of ####. Squier jagmaster- I used the $150 from the Epi, and $200 from my mom to buy my jagmaster. It's still the best guitar I own, and I love it to death. I had to replace the bridge pup for a Fender humbucker, and I eventually want to put a mustang bridge, and a Bigsby tail piece on it. First act- I got this because I liked the body shape, and I plan on modding it at some point. The neck was terrible so I got rid of it, and I plan on using the body for a project at some point. Cheap SG copy- I got this off of Craigslist for $70. The frets were terrible so I decided to rip them off, and make it a fretless. I currently have it in ostrich tuning (DDDDDD). SX SJM 62- I got this from Rondo a few months ago. This is the only guitar that I like almost as much as my jagmaster. It was only $130ish, and I would have gladly paid about $200 more. Ibanez acoustic- My mom gave me this, and it's pretty good. It had a piezo system that sounded terrible so I disconnected it. It's purple with a single cut away. I eventually plan on putting on a pickup so it'll be similar to John Lennons acoustic. No name acoustic- This is a dreadnought that my aunt gave to me last summer. It sounds really nice, and I keep it in open G. The only think I dislike about it is the abalone.
  21. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone else on here has one of the SX SJMs. I have one, and I think it's fantastic. Especially when you consider the price. Here's a few pics of mine. If you have one do you mind sharing pics, or set up tips?
  22. I changed my bridge pup for an actual Fender bucker, and it sounds alot better. What year was yours made? Mine is an 08.
  23. Yeah that was quite dumb. Look on Ebay for a cheap jaguar, or Mustang neck. You could even try for a Squier duosonic neck, and hopefully get one for cheap. I wouldn't recommend doing it without putting the neck on first.
  24. What the hell's going on here? It was between a neon sign, and a mockingbird, and the mockingbird lost.
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