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  1. Damn dude. I thought the soft V was terrible. That hard V would be utter hell.
  2. Yeah I'm hoping to get it tomorrow. It's not only you that made me decide on the strat. Robb makes me want one too. Damn you all.
  3. Yeah that's why I don't like those. I need my sound to be slightly fuzzy at all times.
  4. When you have the neck pocket routed you put the neck on, and measure from the 12th fret to where the bridge should be. The distance should measure 12 inches from the 12th fret to the bridge.
  5. Well you know what I mean Actually they aren't doing anything to make me want them. The necks aren't right for me, and they just look silly. But I will say that being on here has finally made me decide to get a strat copy. Before I stayed away from strats like they were the plague.
  6. Maybe this would be helpful if the thread starter asked about U shaped necks. But since U shapes weren't even brought up maybe you shouldn't have posted.
  7. Even though I love the look of tort on a white guitar I have to say the pearl looks the best. Just looks so fvcking classy.
  8. I have a question. Why don't you just build a jazzy, and wire it with just a volume control like both of those are? You could most likely get it almost exactly like the ones they use, but cheaper. Just a suggestion.
  9. Just do like I do, and google the reviews for whatever you're looking for.
  10. I've never played one myself, but I've heard that they're good. I think that one looks amazing. I would get one if I didn't spend my last $140 when I got my SX SJM.
  11. I don't think anyone here really cares about this. Also your name pisses me off. Learn grammar.
  12. The only thing I can think of is to ask someone that works with metal if you know someone. I don't really know how you could do it otherwise.
  13. It's most likely because the TOM is made for a flatter radius. From my understanding most jazzmasters are 7.5" radius and there's some that are 9.5"(I may be wrong about the last part.), and TOM bridges are 12" radius. I would say to either A) Get a mustang bridge, Try to file down the notches in the TOM so you'll have a radius of 7.5" or 9.5", or C) try to raise the action some, and see if that helps. Before you do anything wait for someone else to chime in because as I said I could be wrong.
  14. I played a Squier duo-sonic that had them once. I liked the tone quite a bit. There was a blue in the bridge, and a gold in the neck. The gold on it's own sounded almost too clean, but the blue sounded real nice. I'm actually thinking about getting a set of Lace humbuckers for my jagmaster.
  15. It looks like an Xavier to me. Either way that looks like one sexy beast. Can we get some pics of it by itself?
  16. lol That doesn't tell me much, but I'm guessing that they're pretty good based off of what you said. I'll try one out next time I go to guitar center. The only reason I asked is because necks are normally what makes me decide not to get a guitar. I'm guessing it's pretty thin though so I most likely won't like it.
  17. That's beautiful. I hope you enjoy it once you get it.
  18. How's the neck on the Lagunas? I want to get one of the ones with the Tom, and string through.
  19. I tried one with a soft V, and I didn't like it. It seemed like the neck was too thin for me. I prefer C necks, but everyone's different. I think that you should just try both neck shapes, and see what you like best. Like I tell people on UG no ones hands are the same so you might like a neck that I hate, and I might like one that you might hate. Best of luck.
  20. What's funny is that when I get around to modding my jagmaster it's gonna be almost just like jaguar, but with a bigsby. i actually like the jazzy.
  21. Most BCRs are ugly as fuck. The only one I would buy from them is a mockingbird. Those are beautiful.
  22. Try looking on Ebay. They pop up from time to time on there, and normally for a pretty good price. I wanted to get one a while back that someone was selling for $200, but I decided to get another guitar instead.
  23. I've played one, and I think that they're great. I love the neck, and the sound is extremely cool. If I ever see one used at GC I'm gonna get it.
  24. I believe the 2002 models have 25.5 scale length, but they can take the conversion necks. The newest models have the same exact body design as the 02 ones. Hope I helped man.
  25. Yeah I can't wait to see it when it's done. If you don't mind can you tell us about how they stay on? Also about your sig... You do know that that quote is by Neil Young right?
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