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  1. Pictures... http://www.noalibirocks.com/000/js.htm
  2. I will have pics very soon. Been waiting for a sunny day to take the pics but we are going to have rain the next 5 days here in Massachusetts. BTW, I will likely be selling this guitar. Cheers! MC
  3. More ?s Not an easy guitar to work on. This guitar has not seen maintenance in years. I only have one pu switch working at this time at the bridge... What are the switch positions for each pickup? Looks like center is off. I need to lower the bridge... I have tried every allen wrench I could find to fit inside the bridge but non of them turns the set screw to adjust the bridge height. Can anyone tell me what size allen wrench is needed for this? I am likely going to have to adjust the neck also. Looks like the neck needs to be removed for each adjustment, if not please advised. Thank you again.
  4. Well I may try it out as is (two buckers) but I need to fix a few things. The first being the neck pickup sliding switch has fallen apart. Can anyone point me to sources to buy these? Thanks, MC
  5. Picked up a 96-97 fiesta red jag-stang over the weekend. I have a few questions... There is only a 50th anniv. sticker on the back of the headstock. There is no "Kurt Cobain designed" sticker. Does that seem right? It has two full size humbuckers. Where there any models like this? I have had the pick guard off and am guessing that someone routed out the neck position (and they did a good job). I would like to convert back to the original config (humbucker and single-coil). Thank you. MC
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