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  1. oh yeah his rig is def where the beef is at. but you cannot deny the jazz is just an overall more practical guitar...i'm a tall guy with big hands and that lil jagstang neck is gonna get snapped if i don't do something soon.
  2. Hello all, I purchased my jagstang just a few months ago. I was happy with it @ first but now I rarely play it. I didn't buy the guitar cause it was a great guitar, I just fell in love with the idea of finally owning one. I paid a little too much for it (@650) as its a 2004 fiesta red Jagstang *great condition* w/ case. I saw Dinosaur Jr. in Chicago the 15th and really was impressed with J.'s tone. Was deaf for about 3 days as well! I looked into the jazzmaster cause my buddy owns J's signiature model and likes it. I played a 2008 classic model jazzmaster @ guitar center and really tore it up. I'm just as obsessed with this guitar as I was for the jag-stang...but for better reason, It played and sounded great. I Think they are asking 750 for it, and I'm totally down for trading my closet kurd turd for a jazzmaster, but I don't think that will happen so easy. After doing research I think I could sell it for 500-600 dollars if I'm lucky, and then i'm short about 200 after tax Whats the most you guys heard of someone paying for a CIJ jagstang? I think If I time the selling after thanksgiving I will have a better chance of getting a higher price for it because of the holdays. -Voodoo
  3. Hello all, I was watching the TV show "The Simpsons" the other day. Homer lost Marge and went into depression..changing from an R&B singer to an angry guitarist who starts the grunge movement. In the episode there was plenty of references to Nirvana and Kurt but did anybody notice Homer's guitar? It was a sonic blue fender with a slanted black Humbucker @ Bridge and a slanted black Single coil @ Neck. Just thought it was interesting the jag-stang was referenced to in the sitcom. P.S. My fiesta red JS always reminds me of the early bart simpson...90's orange.
  4. If you switch the tailpiece around the strings might not originate low enough to create tension against the bridge. I wondered the same thing but came to this conclusion before I experimented with it. Let me know if it is indeed possible
  5. The jag-stang. Either way I really enjoy the finish of the jag-stang neck. It wears in nice.
  6. ! I have the same problem. Time to buy a file.
  7. i suppose me and the previous owner just have dirty hands. I like the effect. I agree i think relicing a guitar is silly...although I went to Sweetwater's Gear Fest and played a $3,800 custom shop SRV relic and it was the greatest thing ever. The neck was SO fat...I loved it. It made everything i play sound better. Anyways...i'm pretty sure the finish on the neck is nitro...and it is much easier to wear in compared to my US strat. A feature I truly like. I don't think i'll use lemon oil because I'm almost positive that will clean my precious grime!
  8. or you could have an original thought for once. long story short: using a bridge pickup instead of a neck pickup in the neck position will result in a louder sound with less treble, and possibly more mids. to know why, continue reading... strat pickup sets which are meant to be balanced in volume between the five positions will have the neck pickup the weakest, and the bridge pup the strongest. because the string is swinging more quickly, and over a longer distance towards the middle of the neck, pickups closer to that position will naturally produce more sound. to counter this, the bridge is wound hotter, and the neck weaker. in addition to this, the string's vibration is very complex, there are many fluctuations in the vibration across the strings length, meaning that more notes than just the note being played come out. when a harmonic is played, all vibrations other than that of the harmonic are deadened, or at least suppressed. the 'fundamental' is the lowest note. this is also the loudest, and is in full swing at the 12th fret. however, harmonics usually peak at different places (and have multiple peaks). moving away from the 12th fret, a pickup picks up less fundamental, and more of certain harmonics. this causes the different timbre (character) of pickup placements. when a pickup is wound hotter, its resonant frequency (the frequency at which it is loudest) descends, so that certain harmonics, or the fundamental, are emphasized. so, a hotter bridge pickup relative to the neck results in a more balanced sound. Great explanation...guys at the guitar store no nothing
  9. Hello all. I've always been a fan of worn guitars. When I bought my re-issue I can tell the neck has been played because there is a discoloration...I wanted this effect on my USA strat but never could get it. IS the finish on jagstang/jaguar necks nitro? Anyone wanna post pics of your dirty necks? I'd love to see how much wear is capable on these wonderful things. ALSO...I use lemon oil on my other necks as a hand lube....(not for masturbation ) will this clean the dirty neck? I hope not.
  10. Finally someone who understand me. Everyone @ GC thinks I'm crazy. I love 12-56 guage but the G string is almost always too fat. I like a 19 flatwound. Eric Johnson signature strings are one of the few packs made that have a 19 flatwound. Note to self* Get some big springs for big strings. MovEax- do you use tremolo at all?
  11. i have a straight A drummer...hes about to live with me next year so my physics classes wont be so hard
  12. I really like them....I've never been so impressed with dotted inlays before. call me crazy but they look great in contrast to the rosewood, and when accented by the chrome hardware.
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