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  1. My '65 pickups (AUG 1965) are 5.8K and 6.0K, they sound awesome.
  2. Comparing to my am. standard tele (08), my vintage 65 mustang neck(it has feels slightly thinner.Come to think of it now, it might just be that it's 24" which makes it feel smaller. Such a slight difference.
  3. My vintage '65 neck really needs new frets and I guess I was thinking about putting on a reissue neck for a while as it's cheaper than a refret. Will It fit okay? Anyone else done this?
  4. I need to get a new nut for a vintage '65 neck (which i brought and came with the nut removed unfortunately) and I guess im wondering what sort of nut to put in? I just want a vintage looking bone nut, what the easiest to buy a blank or a curved stewmac has them but i wouldn't know which curved one to get? http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Nuts,_saddles/String_nuts/1/Vintage_Bone_Nuts/Articles.html#details another place that has them what about that bone nut? http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/guitar_nutsfender.htm
  5. Really? So the width at where it bolts on is the same for an A or B? I'm just scared I could end up buying a neck the wrong size!
  6. I've happened to get a '65 mustang body but i'm just not sure which neck goes on it? Can you use either A or B (I pressume not?). I'll upload a photo with a ruler hopefully someone here can help???! Thanks so much! I have a hunch it's an A and kind of hope it is too!
  7. Are the neck plates used on a '64 mustang the same as those that were used on a strats and teles etc?
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