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  1. hey, how much would anyone suggest i offer for a 1973 stang orange w/comp stripe?? i'm workin in canadian $$$ so , let me know if your ideas are us or cdn thanks!!
  2. i'm not sure of the gauge of the flats(i'm thinking 11's)so, as long as i'm using them, and if/when i change to regulars 10 or 11 gauge it seems no truss adjustment is necesary... so thanks for your expertise everyone.
  3. thanks, so i shouldn't need to do anything with the truss rod adjustment, as heavy gauge strings are pretty standard with the shortscale neck? i don't know what to look for,seems ok.flats sound good with distortion and chorus i've been using.(also ,the trem has been locked with washers.) i appreciate the opinions !!!
  4. hey all, i just got a dapne blue '69 Ri that was strung with heavy flatwounds when i got it.(i don't know the gauge) i have fender lead 2 with 9's for bending, so, i'm having fun with the flatwounds for now, the neck seems ok, do i need to do anything with the truss rod? does anyone have opinions about flats? what strings are folks putting on their stangs? thanks!
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