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  1. I would honestly think routing a pickguard is easier than routing a body. Very true, however I meant it's a pain if you already have different pups in position to have to cut out a guard, I f**ked up one already!
  2. Reminds me to machine out the pup spaces on my pearl pickguard for my jag, still has it's tortoise shell one currently (it's sunburst). The one problem of routing out for new pups is that pickguards need routing too Nightmare.
  3. Just got white switches for my jaguar today, pictures to follow soon...
  4. I have JM pups in my jag (SD vintage), they are a dream, so much warmth but it damn well keeps its twang on the right settings, believe me!
  5. I think one should be made from old bits and bobs of 50/60s Fender guitars! Would be quite cheap for what you are getting too!
  6. Make it your own, aim towards what Kurtz had but put your own spin on it, a respectable tribute, with a new twist, I would say.
  7. Gorgeous guitar, I love lace style pups on strats (well, mostly any guitar!). I think we should start a Squier thread!
  8. CIJ Jazzuar (Jag with vintage JM pups, tele knobs, mustang bridge, series wiring mod, d'addario flatwound 11's) and my brand new AMAZING CIC Squier Duo Sonic (standard throughout, d'addario flatwound 10's) Orange Rocker 30 head with PPC 212 Open Back cabinet. I SO want a vintage Duo Sonic/Musicmaster!
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