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  1. Its common (not among fender players though) but its not filed, its sanded, and mostly done by professional Luthiers. Which I advise in this case. You do it yourself you can risk fvcking it right up.

    Guitar teachers (of which I've never been to one :mrgreen: ) will say "you shouldn't have your thumb over it" anyways. But I'm guilty of this all the time myself, I cant get out of it and really dont care.

  2. T5 M8 B5 is what I use on a twin reverb then on my Metal Muff I have the mids at 0. Its an active EQ whih either adds or decrees. It goes -5 or +5. Or on a BMP I have the mids at about 1 oclock or bypassed altogether.

    Scooped mids can be used obviously but isn't needed even in metal. Take Slayer for instance, they boost the mids not scoop them. Kerry King's EQ looks like a upside down smile.

  3. Photobucket, get a free account then its your own private album.

    All I see with this TOM on Jags/JMs is problems. It may work on mustangs due to the shorter and sharper break angle (like on Gibsons you get away with it not a problem) but its only gonna be problems on Jags/JMs IMO.

    I feel this way because I have tried non filed TOMs on Jags/JMs and the E-A strings pop of continually. Playing style comes into play also.

    The E even pops out of mustang saddles on Jags/JMs for me.Hence, I use modified Nashvilles.

  4. Using the Fender TOM presents a problem rather than convenience.

    You always need to file the slots deeper on a Gotoh/Gibson TOM not only to match the radius but also (and most importantly) to get the strings to not pop out. If you just use a TOM with shallow slots on a Jag, JM (Jag/JM especially) and even a Mustang strings are going to pop out all over the place.

    By the time you have filed the 1,2,5,6 slots(3,4 need only minor filing)deep enough to take the TOM from 12" to roughly 7.25" they are deep enough so the strings will NEVER pop out.

    Thus it is actually better to use a Gotoh/Gibson TOM and put 30 minutes worth of work into it to get it right as if you just use the Fender TOM (like on a Jag/JM) it is actually defeating the purpose of using one entirely!

    I've been playing Jags/Jazzmasters for over 16 years and I worked out every quirk they have many years ago.


  5. As far as American vs Japanese goes, there really is no black and white comparison as it depends on the guitar and Japan puts out guitars that blow away a lot of American guitars. Like ESP Eclipse 1 CTM full thickness' for example (not available in north America), they are a far superior guitar than a Gibson les paul custom IMO.

    ESP makes a lot of very high end guitars and its irrelevant that they are a Japanese company.

    I find Japanese guitars more consistent (flawless in every way) as the Japanese (generalization) have a different mentality than westerners and have a very strong work ethic, it dates back to the Samurai and is still very evident in todays society. I have never known any worker with more respect and pride than a Japanese individual.

  6. Nope, its bullsh!t!

    Who ever said this have never seen a Gibson or a PRS finish! OR a Japanese finish like on an ESP!

    MIMs are below Japanese and American guitars in terms of quality of parts and workmanship, this is the general consensus and no one really goes against it as its true IMO.

    They are all sprayed in booths anyways so its not like you're outside spraying chemicals all over the place.

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