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  1. One thing I have learned. Always use the correct tool for the job! if I dont have the correct tool for it, I buy it. This way you never mess sh!t up!
  2. If you turn the tone all the way on and tune your guitar will be in tune more precisely than if you dont use the tone control. Not too many people know this but it works. It was recommended by Jack Endino on his site: Here. Its how I've been tunign for at least 5 years now and its far better.
  3. You DO NOT have to drill if you use a Gotoh/Gibson or any other brand NASHVILLE!!! If, like I done on my jaguar, you use a Gotoh MODERN nashville you do. --------------------- About the HB, just file the pickguard a bit, it wont take much to let the HB move freely.
  4. Yeah, jaguars, jazzmaster will not fit in strat nor tele cases. No way, no how!
  5. Japanese neck and body, American everything else, DiMarzio HBs. 500k pots, some old cap (mustard I think IIRC) from my NOS parts bin (I don't buy this sh!t, rather it was all given to me by an old man friend of my dads)I don't even remember the value as I really don't care about caps as I only use the tone control for tuning.Switchcraft toggle, AVRI trem, Gotoh/AVRI tuners,(which are stock on CIJs incidentally) Gotoh modern TOM, installed properly. Vintage jazzmaster witch hat knobs (not pictured). "F" neck plate. That's about it. Oh, the Bridge HB is from about 1993, its the one piece of gear I've kept from back then. I don't know if I have any other pics TBH.
  6. Don't really know what part you're referring too...in any case, pickguards can be filed and sanded.
  7. Good work, i like to see self done rough DIY on guitars. I routed my jaguar out for humbuckers freehand with a $40 router i bought, I wanted to make a jagblaster so it was the easiest way to do it. That was about 7 years ago. You should keep the jagblaster, not many people have them as opposed to jazzblasters. And actually you are the only one besides myself that I've ever seen use the word jagblaster. Heres mine:
  8. SH4/TB4 it wont make any difference with a mustang bridge or TOM bridge. BTW, you need the Gotoh Nashville TuneOmatic bridge. But for future reference: if you are wanting a humbucker on a stock fender you need a trembucker to match the string spacing perfectly. If you plan on using a TOM you need a regular gibson spaced humbucker to match. You can mix it up and you wont hear any difference at all, you'll barely even see it.
  9. I wouldn't bother too much with neck pickups, only songs Cobain used them on was about a girl,Something in the Way and polly. Maybe another but I cant be keeping track of sh!t like that. He used the bridge HB 99.9999999% of the time.
  10. Fine, just staying off forums a bit more than usual.
  11. The jaguars sound is the complete sum of all its parts and putting jaguar value caps or pickups in another guitar wont sound like a jaguar.
  12. Plus his Jag-Stangs were USA Custom shop, not MIJ.
  13. Looks good minus the bigsby which look like sh!t IMO. I was considering one of these and making it a string thru.
  14. The 1st jag is not Black Top, it is Japanese! Nevermind, i see its all been discussed.
  15. Currently saving for another Gibson ('61 SG) and a new JCM900 stack but my setup wont change other than the amp. That's it for me, I don't want anymore #### after that and I'm only getting this cause its necessary. I only need one guitar but always have a few. My Jett melody maker and the sg will be the only guitars I bother using but when I start doing shows again I will always take my 66 mustang as a back up. I used to like having this pedal and that pedal etc, I'm a minimalist now, have been for quite a while, I fvking hate complicated setups and pedalboards and a dozen guitars and #### like that. 2 guitars, 1 pedal, 1 amp,a tuner..its all I need.
  16. You can make a A/B box with a toggle switch to flip between 250k and 1meg, you will instantly notice a difference.
  17. Do an on the spot A/B with two JMs, one with 250k, one with 1Meg, there's a huge difference.
  18. Using 250K and 1,000k (1Meg) is a #### ton difference! Its day and night difference. Who said theres no difference? They are an idiot! 250k is like a warm blanket and 1Meg is like an ice pick to the ear.
  19. The resistor trick only works if the pot is on full. Then the resistance is halved. In other positions the resistance varies.
  20. Its not so much the pickups, its the 1Meg pots that make it chimey, bright,thin...whatever you wanna call it. As JM pickups are very warm and thick sounding with the right pots. If you reduce the lead circuit volume pot to 250k it will be very different. Changing pickups will change the sound somewhat depending on which ones you buy but not as much as reducing the ohms of the volume pot. 500k is still a little bright IMO, I like 300k but the only 300K pots I know of are Gibsons (however I'm sure mouser sell 300k CTS pots) but luckily they are a direct replacement for AV JM pots. Same size, shaft etc. So I would try this before buying a new pickup as its a cheaper and a fix you're possibly gonna like more anyways. And an advance answer to a stupid question some people ask, yes, it will still sound like a jazzmaster!
  21. I dont get the big deal though. I'm equally passionate about the Melvins or Earth etc. But when it comes to defending Cobain, Teh Kurtdz!
  22. The only conspiracy going on is that Kurt was said to have killed himself! PERIOD! 225mg of smack? Sure, I used that much and more...A DAY!!! Not all at once. And it wasn't 100% pure either so it wasn't actually 225mgs!
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