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  1. Once and for all, I think we can all agree on this now, Kurt had a Fiesta Red Mustang.
  2. they absolutely make "69 reissues in fiesta red, but they come with a MATCHING HEADSTOCK. It would be simple to oreder the feista red w/matching headstock and then just order a 69 reissue neck. once you get the both delivered change the necks. Then you will Have a fiesta red 69 reissue that is exactly like Kurts except for the bridge, pots, and pickups. I am %100 correct. If you have any questions feel free to ask me and we can get you on the way to hVING AND EXACT DUPLIATE. peace brother
  3. Thanks. I thought that it would be fine. I just wanted to make sure.
  4. Will leaving the strings off of my Mustang for a couple of days cause any problems with the neck? i.e. warping or twisting of the neck. I took off my old strings to put on new ones and now I have to go out of town for 2 days for work. Will it be OK to wait 'til I get back to put on the new strings???? Thanks
  5. Like I said before both of my guitars have a slight humming sound when I step on the distortion pedal to turn it on. Both of them do not hum when the distortion is off. When the distortion pedal is on and I touch the strings and/or bridge on both guitars the humming stops. Since both guitars are doing it this should mean it is not an issue with my mustang right???? when the distortion is on, if I turn the tone knob down the humming stops on both guitars. I usually keep the tone almost all the way up on both guitars.
  6. Yeah its got the copper shields. I also noticed today that when I turn the tone knob on my mustang all the down then there is no buzz. I usually keep it almost all the way up. The treble on my amp is at 9. It goes to 12.
  7. So I strapped on my other guitar, which is just an old Harmony, and it has the same buzz or hiss or whatever you want to call it as my Mustang. Also on the Harmony guitar the buzz stops when I touch something metal on it or turn the distortion pedal off. I just noticed on the Mustang that when I turn both PUPs off with the the pickup switches that it has a slight hiss then too. When I switch the PUPs on the hiss, or buzz stops until I step on the distortion. Any replies??? Thanks
  8. I have a mustang that I had a JB installed about 1 year ago. Last night while playing i heard a low buzzing between songs but only when I had my distortion pedal on and it stopped when I touched anything metal on the guitar. There is no buzz at all when I turn the pedal off. Is this the distortion pedal or has something gone wrong in the wiring? Maybe a ground issue? Thnaks
  9. it doesnt have to be split. You can have it wired for the phase switch to work, I mean in or out of phase. My JB came with a wiring diagram that showed a few ways to wire it. Coil splitting; phase switching and another but I cant remember what it was. I had mine wired for phase switching.
  10. Not all tuners will work. You have to make sure the screw holes match up. Unless you want to drill new holes in your headstock. I just replaced the white buttoned tuners on my 65 RI with chrome ones. They had to be the F stamped tuners with the diagonal screw holes. The kind of tuners off a 69 RI wouldn't have fit. They have the screw holes straight across from one another in the middle of the tuners.
  11. I just had a seymour duncan jb installed in my stang. When the phase switch is towards the bridge and I touch the PU screws it buzzes pretty loud. I called the guitar tech that installed it and he said its buzzing because thats when its using only a single coil. On a mustang the humbucker is not supposed to coil split right?? If it is then it been wired incorrectly, am I right??
  12. The hissing(humming) sound happens when, like I said above, when I touch either of the screws that hold the humbucker to the pickguard but only when the phase switch is back towards the bridge. Also it seems as if the in/out phase for the humbucker is backwards from what is was with the original pickup. It used to be when I had both phase switches opposite of each other it was out of phase and when they were both to the left or to the right it was in phase. Now when both switches are pushed the same direction it sounds out of phase and when they are opposite of one another the guitar sounds in phase. Is it possible to be wired to make the switch work backwards to what it did with the stock pickup. Unless I am completely wrong and the humbucker just has that sort of sound that would make me confuse in or out of phase.
  13. OK I just got my 65 RI back from a liscensed luthier. I had a seymour duncan jb installed. Heres my questions. When I touch the screws that hold the pickup to the pick guard, or even the silver circles on the pickup itself, my guitar makes a buzzing or a static sound. Its not too loud but I want to know it this is normal or not. Also, does the phase switching work with this humbucker. Can it be switched in and out of phase like the original pickup? Please help me guys. I need some input. I just got my stang back. It took a month to get the JB installed. I had new all chrome tuners put on it too. Before I take it back I would like to hear from you guys.
  14. If you have a 65 RI those will not fit unless you drill new holes. They will fir a 69 RI though. Anyway, if you have a 65 RI then you can go on ebay and search Fender F tuners and find a lot of them. Just make sure they have the same screw hole configuration. They will also have the have the Fender F on the back of them. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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