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  1. I meant in terms of just the chrome control plate. I've yet to see someone do it, so the answer is most likely "no they won't fit"
  2. lol yup that I do! I wanted to use parts from a guitar I already have. do one with a humbucker in the bridge and do a matching one with a humbucker in the neck. Then have the colors be oppostite. My dad had some wood around the house that I was going to use but it isn't thick enough. I think I am going to build a lapsteel out of it instead. I think it's pine.
  3. no, I mean the actual body. I am thinking of building a duo-sonic.
  4. the mustangs and duo-sonics are? reissues or vintage... Thanks a lot
  5. ok so someone asked the difference between duos and mustangs in another thread. I guess I kinda submitted a question too hastily, almost hijacking that thread. so I will continue on with this one. There is a control plate on the offset duos and mustangs I was wondering if they would fit the reissue duo-sonics? with some modding of course.
  6. There is a mod here somewheres maybe? that lowers the switches into the body. Using pickup springs! Apparently pretty useful. I think I'd move the switches down to the lower horn of the gaurd tho, and maybe a "recessed" one handy to the bridge pickup as a kill switch. not sure yet, all very undecided. Any ideas on the chrome control plate?
  7. Yeah no offsense to the previous owner, I just wasnt digging those knobs. Too tall for me
  8. The knobs are from the prev owner. ther are gone but ill replace the white originals someday with black... assuming I can get the control plate to fit that I want.
  9. Hey guys. I recently accuired this Duo reissue. It's undergone a full refinish with a great paint job and color. I like the color and it would be a real shamer to lose it but I may still strip it down again tho. The person who did the work did a pretty rough job smoothing down the edges. Body Filler, or wood filler, help? I also want to get a Black gaurd with a mustang control plate. new white pickup covers and white mustang style switches installed on the lower side maybe, and new compensated tele-style saddles. The bigsby style tremolo isn't installed, but I'm thinking about it. Anyone have
  10. does anyone know if the non offsets can be fitted with the chrome control plate, once you trim the pickgaurd? thanks
  11. hey gang! I just joined up, I have a few questions for you jagmaster modders! I've been trying to find info on the control plates you folks are using, are they off of a regular Jaguar? and for those of you who've done tremolo mods or replacements, what did you go with. ok one more on the 3 pickup jagmaster what pickups did you go with, and who made your pickgaurds? Thanks so much. Here is my Jagmaster, just got it, It's awaiting some major work:
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