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  1. I think someone should do this Disappearer:Hey man Me:uhm who the hell are you? "Disappearer"*walks past me into my room and takes bass* "THANKS!" Me:*blank and confussed stare*
  2. Tele. Bass. First. Or has that all been completed and pics posted? It's finished just no photos.
  3. might I inquire as to how the crap you're planning on intonating that? I mean from the sound of it you're planning on sticking a tele bridge behind a strat pickguard which'd mean the saddles would be further back making the scale longer.... but then you're planning on putting a shortscale neck on it....... or are you planning on ditching the strat bridge pickup and hacking up the pickguard to accomodate the tele bridge? seems like it'd be easier to buy a cheap tele body and neck and set it up like this not exactly sure we're still planning it out we haven't really thought it through it's just a idea probally this "or are you planning on ditching the strat bridge pickup and hacking up the pickguard to accomodate the tele bridge?"
  4. My friend is building me a Telestrat soon that's my dream guitar I played his and loved it! Mine's going to have a tele bridge with a emg,then a strat sss pickgaurd loaded with gf single coils (possibly hot rails),and a rosewood short scale tele neck.Can't wait for it
  5. I got the spray cleaned the pedal that wasn't the problem Testing everything soon.
  6. the smallest can is $15.(note it's only 4.4oz of spray) So pay $15 for it, it's not like it's single use, that can'll last for ages if you use it sparingly, which you should, you need like one tiny squirt per pot. This is one of those situations where there really isn't an alternative to paying up. I would but my mom said that it's to much and she wouldn't give me the money. I tried to get her to belive that I need it for several pedals but she won't listen and I have to get the money from her because I'm really broke right now.
  7. My uncle said that the cord ran to the transformer which turned 120v to 9v and he said if I just replace it with a battery clip it would work fine and it does the pots need to be cleaned extremely bad though.
  8. no it's not the plug the transformer is blown I tested it with a volt meter man. And naw man she's not man.Things got weird and we split a few days ago too.
  9. the transformer was broke in it I had to cut the wires from the cable and transformer and rig a battery clip to the wires then put a battery in it it's one of the ones that has to plug into the wall but the transformer is fvcked so I replaced it with a battery.It works now,but the effect(the sound of the chorus not the chorus it's self) is messed up on it and my uncle says it's because the pots need to be cleaned.
  10. It's one of the ones you have to plug into the wall.The thing that makes the voltage into 9volts is broke so I had to cut the wires and rig it to a 9v battery.
  11. wuttt? not the trancistor,I can't think of the name of it but it cuts the watage down to 9v.(It's a vintage and has a extention cord on it)
  12. I fixed my Clone theory today had to cut the transistor and run it directly into a 9v battery.I have it working but the pots need to be cleaned,I went to Radio shack to get contact cleaner and a 4oz can of it is $15 that's way to much for it IMO so,is there any other way I can clean the pots?
  13. true.The Jag photo was probally a photo shoot IMO just because of the way the photo looks.
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