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  1. Yeah I love head and shoulders, especially the '' milder formula '' lol ... Thanks for the love, some of you guys wanted to know so : It's a mastery bridge '' which weirdly enough gives the guitar more sustain and gets the intonation GREAT what is fantastic also is that the guitar gets ridiculously low action with that brige with now buzz It's the guitar I have the most fun with by far ! Here is my rig '1969 Strat SRV Strat
  2. Hot Rails joins the party, removed the FB bucker due to a recent Tele that needed it more The guitar is on 500K pots with a Duncan JB and Hot Rails Switches are now for buth pups, on, split and off, it's allot of fun so far, the guitat is fantastic
  3. My buddy's PAF, 500K pots, Fat 50's neck and a Firebird mini hum in the middle ! allot of crazy things on it, a great axe
  4. I Guess we agree to disagree on that ... Ernie Bailey said that for In utero they''d have 5 guitars strung up, sometimes a bit more, depending on the way previous shows went Kurt would generally stick to about 3 guitars per tour and rotate them, Even in the nevermind era the Jaguar he used would often get a break to be replaced by the Strat and Stang he'd use. The Red Jag Stang was supposed to have the second round of mods Kurt requested and when you look at the REM Jagstang vs the Red Jagstang there are some differences overall I think that the Jagstang was 95% there, Kurt would choose his go to guitar before a show, He was comfy enough to play a Jagstang on his last shows from the moment he received it, must say something on the guitar being a success ! I
  5. a while back I was discussing guitars with a friend who gave me a book on Nirvana, it talks more about the latter years 93 - 94 It mentions a few quotes from Earnie Bailey that when Kurt got the Jagstang he was pretty excited, but from the time he had started the project with Fender he had Bailey already started modding mustangs with JB buckers and JB Hot rails, when the Jagstang arrived it was more spec'd up to pickups Kurt wasn't using anymore, Earnie's priority was to mod the Mustangs and Strats Kurt was using for the tour. When Earnie got around to putting the JB in the Jagstang as well as the 500K pots, apparently Kurt liked the guitar enough to start using it regularly and any final design queues were to orbit around Bridge mods, pickup changes and a tiny bit of minor contouring
  6. I don't think it its. It comes in at about 5.5 ohms wheras H3s are somewhere in the reigion of 13k wtf kinda low wind gts you 5k
  7. I'll start off with a few I've seen + mine Some of these may be yours !
  8. Def call Police so they can alert pawn shops and send a message to fleabay, they have dudes watching out for that stuff
  9. Hmm ... So I see that the solution would be to probably go with 500 K pots, I wonder how they do it on a Fat Telecaster, what kind of pots are used. Anyhow ! awesome forum ! Will try the pickups and pots on the axe to see how it turns out, tell me about the Jagstang humbucker, it's a Fender made Dimarzio H-3 I think, I had an Ibanez with that pickup and it was So far I'm pretty psyched ! I need a purely rythmic guitar and I think that this could do a pretty sweet job ! Anyone can give me insight on improving sustain ?
  10. I got the pickguard ! thanks for the link guys ! 500K would be great for the bridge bucker ... but doesn't that compromise the Scoil sound ? wouldn't it be crazy bright ? Also is there a company that makes a better Stang bridge as it's one of the things I hated about the stang,
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