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  1. hyperthetically how much would i get for a 2003 jagstang with cts pots and top spec electrics a sd jb and a ssl-3 aswell as schaller straplocks fully setup and frets leveled by a gutiar tech also sold with the original pickups and pots in the origional gigbag only damage is a few monor dints on the bottom and one on the top side none on the actuall front or back and the neck in perfect condition
  2. this is what i meant sounded like a gay porno wanna play with my janglemaster
  3. its sitting in my room with no electrics till my next paycheck though lol i cant get the bridge plate off these screws are supertight luckily i like the spring tension as it is
  4. nah its the white one im after well il get back to you round the 17th and if u still have it we can sort out payment
  5. and by exact same thing do u mean same pots,capacitors and pickups?? how did it sound?
  6. i dont get payed for another two weeks but if u still have it i may take you up on that offer how much you wanting for it
  7. yeah when i got it it was in working condition just dirty theres one or two dints on the lower side of the body but no chips
  8. yeah i didnt really like it hmm so really its one thing or the other il probs go with 500 k and a 22
  9. Aquired a 03 Jagstang today for the paltry sum of
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