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  1. I voted Jag-Stang and Jaguar, two of my favorite guitars I've ever played
  2. I would LOVE to see them do a reissue, but make it better. Contour the body, better pups etc. I have a 96' JS that, after a few mods, I fell in love with. I could only hope they do another reissue, and do it right this time.
  3. A lot of people change the bridge on the JS because the Fender "Dynamic Vibrato" is pretty bad unless it is modified. Its a little tough to string the guitar and God forbid you try to use the whammy bar, you will end up horribly out of tune.
  4. Dude don't waste our time bashing the Jag-Stang. If you find them to be so horrible why are they worth the time you spent posting in this forum? I agree they are a prototype but that is why many people love them, because you can buy one and shape it to fit your needs. And the insensitive comment about Kurt Cobain's death isn't cool either man.
  5. I didnt lose my high end at all. I also replaced the volume pot with a 500k and I couldnt be happier with the sound. It didnt compromise anything at all.
  6. When I put the SH4 in my JS I got a lot more punch of course with the hotter humbucker, also a it seems a tad more bass, but overall the guitar retains its unique sound which is one thing I really love about it, a very cool sounding guitar.
  7. Im pretty sure that Kurt used the Sh-4. I just had one installed in my JS and it sounds amazing.
  8. Do you have to get a special hard case to fit a Jagstang because of the butt, or will a regular strat-style case work for it?
  9. ok, yeah i could tell it seemed to be coming from the saddles. Thanks.
  10. I recently got my Jagstang's action lowered and intonation set and since then I am getting a buzzing sound from around the bridge when I play. Any ideas of what could be causing it and how to get it to stop?
  11. Texas special neck pickup, Dimarzio H3 Humbucker in the Bridge, Tune-O-Matic Bridge any questions about Kurt's gear check out: http://www.kurtsequipment.com/
  12. In the band I am in now we usually cover Breed at shows, but I would really love to do Aneursym or Sappy.
  13. I just picked up a 96 Fiesta Red Jagstang and Im ready to tear into it. I play a Grunge/Post-grunge type music. I am going to replace the humbucker, and have been looking at Seymour Duncans but dont know what to choose. I need something with a good distorted sound for rhythms but also hot enough for leads to cut through the noise and stand out. Im looking at Duncan's '59 and Sh-4 but dont know which is going to give me the sound i desire. The pots also need replacing so any suggestions with pups and pots would be greatly appreciated.
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