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  1. I just got a Jap RI crafted in japan 2001 Competition Mustang in Lake Placid blue. However Im a bit dissapointed, its much much darker blue than I have seen in many pictures. Very dark blue. Doesnt at all look like many other LPB mustangs I have seen.. The blue one in this link is much much lighter blue but is still supposed to be Lake placid? http://www.fenderjapan.co.jp/fender/200 ... g65vsp.htm Were there different Lake Placid Blue colours?!
  2. "LPB comp reissues= poplar based on the picture of a stripped LPB comp stang from Austrailia. the body was greenish wood, which is poplar." Hi, so my LPB comp from 2001 might be poplar? Greenish unpainted wood is a general indication of poplar? I also have the BECK edition BTW, veeery nice guitar =)
  3. Hi! I may be able to buy a lake placid blue Competition Mustang with non-matching headstock. It is "crafted in japan" in 2001 according to the serial. Does anyone know if this is a basswood guitar, or poplar, or alder perhaps? I have a poplar mustang and also a basswood jaguar, aswell as an alder jaguar, so I dont think it to be negative if its basswood, I just want to know. Many thanks Henrik
  4. Hi! I will soon recieve a US Vintage Jaguar. The black one with "brown" tortoise pickguard. I have a black japan jaguar with matching headstock that I will soon sell. It has the red bowling ball tortoise pickguard from allparts and looks amazing! As I understand this pickguard will not fit the US vintage jag. Is this only because of the extra holes for the mute or does it have other fitting issues? Could a guitar tech modify something so it could fit nicely to a US Vintage Jag?! Many Thanks Henrik
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