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  1. finally got my custom jaguar:



    The custom color's quite tricky. Originally it was intended to be dark sherwood green but it ended up being sherwood green metallic / ocean turquoise metallic. The color changes depending on the lighting & angle of view. At certain points it looks green, blue, aquamarine and even inca silver.



    everything's perfect except for one thing - the pickguard won't fit!!! (kids beware of Eden)

    Can I get your opinion on this?

    I'm planning on changing it with a custom pickguard w/ these color options:
    1.) black - the chrome plates and PUP covers will be emphasized

    2.) mint- classic look (strat captures actual color)

    3.) gold - w/ Deimel color contrast and appeal

    there's also a part of me that wants to keep it as it is

  2. What's the scoop on these Supersonics? I know of them put nothing else about them as far as the neck and body goes. Is the body simply a reverse Jaguar, or is there is minor differences? Also, is the neck vintage 7.25" radius or a modern style neck?

    The body's actually smaller to the typical jaguar body. This disproves that the design of these guitars were salvaged from surplus of reverse offset bodies. The neck on the other hand is 24" scale, vintage sized frets and a 9.5" radius.

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  3. Gorgeous man. Your first Tele and a MIJ one?? Anything Fender Japan is superior :)

    yep it's my first. my thoughts exactly on the Japanese quality and craftsmanship. thanks

    Yeah you too man! I saw you in SS.org. My friend plays a similar tele and loves it. Same finish and everything and it sure grew on me. Great find and congrats.

    I'm avoiding controversy so i won't get in a big deal over there but never forget this, the only person who has to like it or the stings or whatever is you bro. You know what i mean? Everyone has an opinion.

    yeah I get what you mean man

  4. theres some info about things I made a thread about here : http://www.jag-stang...-to-your-stuff/

    suprisingly my jaguar doesn tfeel the same as any others that I've tried. Yunno when theres something that just screams at you to buy it? this was it haha. Best choice ever made.

    MIM Candy Apple Red Jaguar w/ SD Slash Alnico Pro II and 250k pots. Its an MZ9, but a pretty low number so Im guessing this is mid 09'


    and this isnt a Jaguar, but its still a 'Jag' ;D

    trusty Squier Jagmaster w/DiMarzio Super Distortion. Possibly better sounding than the Jaguar to be fair haha.


    nice guitars man. love that jaguar :)

  5. i.) mute plate, tremolo


    j.) the wronski plate(for the tele switch) - same idea as the johnny marr telecaster switch but with less modification on the body. the problem is solved due to the inclined switch hole and the good side of this is you can still restore it to the conventional lower control switch configuration. this plate is courtesy of Stereordinary

    ...and some blacktop witch hat knobs


    k.) paint - sherwood green nitro


    Hopefully i can finish this project within this year and show you guys the finished product.

  6. This is my custom partscaster jaguar...still unfinished(due to budget constraints) and been building this for 2 years already. I have completely gathered all the parts for this project so I'll just have to take these to a local luthier for assembling and finishing. I got most of these from ebay so I had to painstakingly bid on each item and grabbed on the cheapest deals.

    1.) this is the design i have in mind


    2.) the parts:

    a.) the body - Japanese


    b.) the neck - Mexican




    c.) the pickups - Semour Duncan quarter pounds (sjag-3 A & B) - for higher output. i have also have the pickup covers for the these(although not recommended by SD)...i have two options: chrome-y or hole-less


    d.) set of brass shielding to minimize feedback


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