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  1. how are the pickups on these? do you feel that this guitar is gig-worthy? they look like toys(except when Jimmp Page is holding them w/ his Holy pants on) Post some pics and make us drool pls.
  2. I'm glad somebody made a thread on this....for the last couple of days I was looking thru ebay for the rare Jet King 1s (which I prefer over the new ones) The ORM-1 is just too customized and obvious for the walking Omar rip-offs/second hand rockstars IMHO. Try to get some identity people! The new ones look like plastic toys and obviously cheap... The Jet King 1 has that red suburst finish with the metallic pickguard, kinda have the old pawnshop guitars and Rickenbackers' vibe....which I dig....plus the coil tap switches that make them look Jaguar-y. The neck finish and the tuners are the downside of these...as for the sound? well you may be too critical with the pickups(keep on modding them constantly) and the gadget settings but in the end the tone is the fingers man... it may not be the best offset guitar around but at least it has a character and style of its own....and its discontinued and rare and still cheap. i want one of these...
  3. wow...this really sound epic. im intrgued i vote for the vintage colors - seafoam green or fiesta red!!!...hmmm maybe a competition stripe to put a mustang vibe(but maybe its too much already)
  4. a thinline telecaster looks cool!!! yeah get one if you must
  5. ditto mine: Jaguar - Johnny Marr, John Frusciante, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine Jazzmaster - Nels Cline, Alain Johannes, Mike Einziger
  6. its not considered as an offset but it looks really neat & cool....anyone tried this guitar? the reissues are Chinese & Korean (I think)...they look kinda cool to me
  7. clarify? The middle SC looks wrong imo. its pretty self-explanatory. i want those headstocks back to Fender or Squire. That all man nothing big
  8. i heard you can get a customized version minus the built-in effects, probly lesser switches and stuff...i dunno. anyway they look pretty expenssive esp when customized to your specs. its just cool that there are Marauder copies existing around. The headstocks are the real killer for me(wished it had the 'Fender' name on it...hmmm or Squier lol!)
  9. anyone have an idea of this brand, how the guitars work and how much do they cost?
  10. hahahaha...yeah im a groupie now of fran "the offset god" pity me
  11. i think that generally the Jag-stang is an aquired taste compared to the other fender offset hybrids. It's specifically directed to the Kurtzzz kids market(which im not). The guitar will forever be associated to Kurt Cobain because he designed it in the first place. There's a huge difference between that and a 'famous' player who is associated with a particular instrument. For example Omar Rodriguez at one point in his career used the Squier Super Sonic but that won't forever be his mark because the instrument did not originate from him or his design(unlike the Jag-stang) On a higher note, the Jag-stang revolutionized and paved the way for Fender/Squier to create offset hybrids(ripping offs designs by Sonic Youth & Kurt Cobain and branding them their own). Without the Jagstangs and the Jazzblasters, there will be no Super Sonic, Toronado, Cyclone, etc. etc.
  12. and this. i think i would agree on most of your opinions...if people will ask my who influenced me in the 'offset' guitar world - that i'll be Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, John Frusciante,Omar Rodriguez, Nels Cline, Alain Johannes and Fran Lubas!!!
  13. i really dig fran's opinions and viewpoints. i really respect you for this
  14. this one's easy - the jaguar! - of course. the body contour attracted me to offset guitars and the fender brand. its less expensive to a jazzmaster so im sticking to this. any guitar sound is attainable thru different mods and various tweakings anyway but simply by the looks-this unique look(not the typical strats and teles) is a real winner. The guitar shape made me buy a toronado(fat-ter body) and a super sonic(reverse body). I'm obsessed with the shape...so I'm thinking of getting a mustang to break that spell and expound the definition of 'sexy'
  15. the guitar looks like a jag from afar but its got a toggle switch on top and the conrol plates seem customized. is this really a jag? a modded jag? a modded jagmaster? i dunno...anyway it really looks gooooooooooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddd................i want that body color! i think fran used to have this color?
  16. Nice to see a band rockin the Jagmaster yeah. i think the bridge pup was replaced with a single coil. i saw a glimpse @ 01:39 I'm also a Filipino...and yes Sandwich is one of my favorite bands. other local bands who are into offste guitars are Imago(mustang), Up Dharma Down(jazzmaster) and Itchyworms(jaguar)
  17. show the pictures...any offset guitar , whatever they maybe is good enough!
  18. always a pleasure, Lord Fran - one of the best in this existing forum
  19. contact me if you going back to manila. lets jam sometime. it doesn't matter how you play with your guitar what matters is that you have the drive to play it and you have your own instrument.... progress comes in time so is taste and style, esp when it comes to- taste of offset waist guitars wow you also make your own guitar? kewlness....i dream of that too but i feel its kinda more expensive to build rather than buy something 2nd hand or used. i like guitars that have their own share of story and history...used guitars are cool
  20. oist kabayan, nice to hear from a fellow Pinoy offset waist lover. yes im not letting this one go. It's discontinued so its really rare. I really love the tone of this guitar. goodluck in finding a decent jaguar or mustang. im targeting on a mustang as my next guitar. i want to bring the toranodo to gigs while my jag is at home. I really love jaguars. i think you're referring to jmsacis' jazzmaster. im not into jmascis purple jazzmaster. i thinks its horrible. but i do like Elvis Costello's signature color....and of course I love Thurston Moore's jazzmaster. you should also checkout the Eastwood guitars like the Saturn 63 for (which also looks good). So you're into jagmasters? that's also fine but i honestly prefer my toro because of the hot seymour duncans. well... to each his own. I'm also looking for a Squier Super-sonic (looks hot) dude, do you have a band? are you in manila right now or you working fulltime in Singapore? we can jam some time...o kaya tagay minsan
  21. I want to correct what I said in the previous post - Iw as referring to the Jagmaster not the Jag-stangs. Jag-stangs, Jaguars and Mustangs are very rare in here. You really have to get one of these via ebay if you have the cash. I got the Toronado GT HH since it's really rare, discontinued and visually very unique and appealing(imho). The Squiers are all over the malls esp. the Jagmaster(this is the only common Fender/Squier offset guitar in here, aside from the Jazzmaster-local imitations) ...well the Ibanez Jet King is also available in malls. Got my Fender Jaguar CIJ via ebay
  22. i'm a long time fan of Omar but I did'nt know this. I have all the Mars Volta albums and all I knew was his Ibanez guitar use on Mars Volta...but wow a Mustang? Im definitely buying one now.....
  23. I bought the same Fender Toronado as Fran's old main guitar through ebay. I really respect Fran's taste of offset waist guitars, his musicianship and opinion... and this one's a treat to the eyes and the ears. I'm from the philippines and this guitar is very very rare (unlike the Jagstangs that are literally littered along shopping malls) Since the Fender Toronado GT HH(with seymour suncan pickups) and the common Jagmaster(commonly with duncan designed pickups) are both manufactured in Korea, I think that the Fender Toronado is the better guitar - hands down. As one entry said it's no rocket science---the price dictates so, the headstock dictates so. The Toronado's a Fender not a Squier. I think that the only cool Squier guitar is the discontinued Super-sonic(Vista series made in Japan, Omar Rodriguez's main guitar during his At the Drive-in days)....PLUS: The Toronado maybe derivative but the general look esp the very cool racing stripes tops of the fight while the common Jagmaster is a cheap looking jagmaster with no innovation in its aesthetic look If you want a taste or a slab of this Toronado, look for Frans'd band, Temporary Asylum in youtube and melt your eyes and ears to the awesome-ness of this rare guitar....very cool indeed
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